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A perfect size and shape for a massage table varies depending on the therapist. Choosing the right one can be a challenge but this is what this size guides is all about. No one wants to buy the wrong size massage table but it does happen! You may look at a massage table, assess it in price and weight, and not give it a second though. Many people mistakenly assume massage tables are all the same size but they’re not actually.

The standard size for a massage table is 28 inches wide and 73 inches long. Unfortunately, there are cheap massage tables out there that sell at lower prices because they come smaller, are manufactured from lower quality or less materials overall, and/or are imported.


If you’ve never been lying on a massage table that’s too small for you, try to image it. Narrow tables are uncomfortable increasingly so as someone lays on it. Many clients aren’t going to be able to relax on a table that isn’t to size. In fact, tension can be worse the longer they’re on it. Be sure to always consider your clients when buying any massage table sheets, supplies, oils, or otherwise.

The width of a massage table

Width should be minimum 28 inches across. You’re catering to different shapes and sizes of customers. Beyond accommodating the client, you’ve got to be aware of how you’re going to move around the table. You shouldn’t have to strain your back to give a massage table. Some may choose a 25-inch table if they want something light or to purposefully reduce the width for whatever reason. There are also 30-inch tables although they do add weight to what you’re carrying.

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The height of a massage table

Almost all massage tables in Canada have height adjustable legs. This means you can accommodate yourself, depending on what you need. A common height range is between 60 to 80 cm. This should cater to almost everyone. Check height by standing up straight with your hands at your side. Clench the fists. Measure from your knuckle to the floor. The distance should equal to the height of your massage table. A few inches in height should be added ideally to allow for the body of the patient. With these numbers, you should be able to adjust height accordingly.

The shape of a massage table

The ideal shape of a massage table can vary person to person. It all depends on personal preference. There are rectangle shaped massage tables which are most familiar in look and design for most massage therapists. There are hour-glass shaped tables which can provide more space for a client without compromising your position. Though a little more expensive, they can be advantageous for some. There are also oval-shaped tables that also have a great look. It depends entirely on what the therapist wants.

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