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Gua sha is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that involves scraping the skin with a firm edged tool. Doing so is believed to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and unblock stagnant energy in the body. Here are the top 10 gua sha tools.

Jade gua sha heart shape tool

Manufactured from jade stone, the gua sha heart tool is one of the most in-demand. It’s a beautiful gua tool that fits perfectly into the body allowing you to maximize the benefits.

Jade gua sha wing shape

Another gua sha tool made from jade, the wing shape is an underrated option but entirely necessary for certain techniques. Evaluate beforehand what techniques you intend to use, to match it with the tools you intend to buy.

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Rose quartz gua sha heart shape

Rose quartz is another premium gua sha instrument material, filled with all sorts of natural energy and beauty. A combination of rose quartz and jade allows you to perform gua sha on yourself wherever you might be.

Jade gua sha wave shape

The wave shape is smooth and perfect for a select number of gua sha techniques. Unlike tools made from plastics, jade won’t drag or yank the skin unnecessarily so you rest assured you’ll receive the best possible treatment.

Jade gua sha fish-shaped

A fish-shaped gua sha tool makes its way on this list because of its effectiveness in treating conditions relating to chronic pain, discomfort, and more. Treat the hands, forearms, shoulders, back, and more.

Rose quartz gua sha S-shape

Keep your S-shaped rose quartz stone gua sha tool for when you need it most. Give yourself a natural treatment you won’t have to pay for. Penetrate deep into the skin, letting out that pent-up tension and getting in positive energy.

Horn gua sha

Horn gua sha tools allow you to dig into those hard-to-reach crevices in the body. Some trigger points simply can’t be reached without the use of gua sha tools like this. A key piece in the catalogue, it is believed to remove excess heat and toxins from the blood when used correctly.

Jade gua sha tooth shape

The gua sha tooth shape is perfect for application along the spine and in select other places. Believe us when we say that you’ll become addicted with how gua sha pieces like these dig deeper than you ever have before into muscles and areas that are really hurting.

Horn gua sha scraping massage tool set

Don’t know where to begin with buying gua sha? We have an easy answer. Start with this horn gua sha scraping massage tool set. You’ll have everything you need to get your body right, achieving balance and comfort.

Ridged gua sha

A ridged gua sha tool is a go-to for any practitioner. Able to be used with IASTM techniques or alternatively with a purer gua sha approach, attack tissue problems as you use this ridged gua sha piece to gently go over your skin.

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