What Are the Benefits of Yoga Blocks

Students of yoga looking to take their fitness regimen to the next level, yoga blocks are a tremendous addition.

Simple and effective, yoga blocks are used by beginner yoga students but also advanced practitioners.

Yoga blocks are all about developing good habits, improving posture, and getting the key mechanics right. If you’re struggling with pose alignment or are concerned about injury, yoga blocks provide support and practice.

Particularly when poses need to be held for extended periods of time, yoga blocks provide an obvious benefit. Here is a little more about how they work and why yoga block benefits make them worth the purchase.

Add Balance

Yoga requires good balance. If you struggle with balance due to tiredness or lack of strength, adding a yoga block isn’t cheating. It’s going to help you build those muscles stronger while improving balance in hard positions.

Add Support

A high-quality Cork Yoga Block supplies support, something which is central to learning new postures and poses, injury rehabilitation, and minimizing stress on problematic areas such as the lower back.

Build Endurance

Every yoga pose might not be your favourite. Just because you can’t reach the full pose, with a yoga block, it doesn’t mean you can’t get part of the way there. Yoga blocks provide respite, while assisting you build endurance to reach into those poses.


Some students will do everything they can to get into a pose. They will even stretch themselves beyond their limits and risk injury to get there. Slow down! You must align your pose correctly. Employing yoga blocks, you do exactly that.

Make it Easier

Of course, yoga blocks can be used to make poses easier. If you are really struggling with exercising, completion at an adjusted, slower pace is better than not completing at all. Encourage yourself with the use of yoga blocks in the right places.

Flexibility Inch-By-Inch

Sometimes we aren’t so flexible. Yoga blocks raise the floor level. It provides us another way to sink into positions and increase our flexibility slowly over time.

What Yoga Blocks Are Best

The most popular yoga blocks in Canada are foam, just like many yoga mats. They’re cheap, effective, and colorful.

That said, foam isn’t always the best material. Cork is. Cork yoga blocks are eco-friendly, environmentally-sustainable, and come from a renewable source. They are light and durable, quality and premium-grade. Though more expensive than low-quality foam, cork blocks last longer.

This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner something that counts. Yoga blocks done right are soft, sturdy, and provides roughly a dozen important benefits. Check them out today at Lierre.ca where they’re available in cork and other materials. Improve your yoga routine. Increase your yoga benefits. Do it all with the support of yoga blocks at your side. Order yours today.

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