What Are the Differences Between Gua Sha and Facial Rollers

Crystal and gemstones have been accepted as a must-have facial tool. They keep the skin looking young, vibrant, and tight when used right.

There are two primary crystal facial tools on the market today – gua sha and facial rollers.

Similarities exist, however, they are different in their application and results. Here are the differences between gua sha and facial rollers to be aware of.

Shape And Usage of Gua Sha and Facial Roller Tools

The most obvious difference is the shape of a gua sha tool is not that of a facial roller. A crystal roller’s designed to be glided gently over the skin while a gua sha tool is held in-hand as it massages the skin.

A facial roller is quicker to use and requires less care and attention to technique. It is like giving your skin a massage as it stimulates blood flow, drains puffiness, and temporarily smoothens out one’s complexion.

Compare this to a gua sha tool which can damage skin with the wrong technique. Gua sha literally digs deeper into the tissue. It pulls the skin and tissue in ways that stimulates deeper circulation and minor trauma that taps into the body’s natural healing response.

Is Gua Sha Better for Skin Than Facial Rollers?

Gua sha’s greatest benefit is that it releases muscle tension which can come from breathing, talking, blinking, eating, yawning, or the stresses one faces day-to-day.

Tension in the face isn’t good. It creates unnecessarily wrinkling and discolorations in what’s otherwise clear, glowing skin.

Unfortunately, a lot of people hold tension in their face and elsewhere in the body. To get the muscles to relax, you’ve got to take the pressure off.

Gua sha is the safest way to dig deep into the facial muscles and get rid of the tension that sometimes dominates how we hold our faces.

Gua Sha or Crystal Facial Roller, Which is Better For Me?

If you’re in a rush, grab the facial roller. If you have time to really engage, go for your gua sha crystal tool.

The benefits of gua sha that you don’t always get from facial rollers is an activation of the lymphatic system and a deeper release of facial muscle tension. It involves components of mindfulness and controlled breathing as one contours the face.

The lymphatic system is an important aspect to discuss. This is how we move excess waste from muscles and tissue out of the body. When our bodies hold this stuff in, it creates infections and issues relating to aches, pains, and mobility.

Though a facial roller can stimulate the lymphatic system, it has to be used correctly and often to get the full scope of results. Comparatively, a gua sha tool stimulates in a more intense way which means quicker results although, once again, it requires technique.

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