3 gift exchange ideas for the christmas holiday season

During the Christmas Holiday season, we always have party with family or friends where there is a gift exchange. Sometimes, you pick someone that you are not so close to and you are not so sure what this person would like to receive. In the matters of keeping this as a surprise, we will suggest you in this article some gift exchange ideas that would please the most difficult in your inner circle.

Derma E Vitamin C Instant Radiance Citrus Facial Peel

It is always nice to receive facial skin care as Christmas gift idea. In fact, we sometimes do not take a specific budget for skin care so we are tempted to buy cheaper skin care. This is not the case the case of the Derma-E skin care product line. The peel-off facial mask is made of a blend of fruit puree, vitamin C, and AHA that will exfoliate and increase the skin's capacity to absorb the active ingredients of your daily product. This facial mask will smoother the texture of your skin and combat the appearance of fine  lines and wrinkles. The vitamin C, as active ingredient of the product, will eliminate the amount of free radicals on the skin due to environmental stressors and age. Furthermore, all Derma-E are cruelty free, soy and gluten free. It is perfect for someone who has sensitive skin and need to take care of herself/himself. 

Green Tea (Longjing Tea)

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You are on a low budget this year for gift exchange? No worries, we have your back! We sell many different type of teas that are less than $10. Today, I will suggest a type a green tea gift idea as it is the perfect gift to offer during Holiday since we eat a lot during this period of the year. In fact, green tea is rich in antioxidant, which help to balance diet and low sugar intake. It can help for weight loss as Longjing tea helps building muscles while burning the excess of fat. Green tea is also good to protect against heart disease. Indeed, it cleanses the bad blood, unblocks blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and strengthen circulation flow. As it is a great alternative to coffee, it has great hydrating properties and is also known to reduce cancer and disease risks. Finally, tea is always a good perfect to know when you don't know what to buy because almost everyone likes it.

Thera Crystals™ healing bracelet Set

Jewelry is always a good gift to offer since everybody wears some or at least want some. Also, these bracelets are made of crystal, which will not create allergic reaction for people who have sensitive skin. Feel balanced and protected with this healing bracelet set. This set contains Chakra balancing healing set and tiger eye bracelet. The chakra balancing set is made of amethyst, red jade, clear quartz, black obsidian, turquoise, and tiger eye. This bracelet will help to align Chakra and grounding. The tiger eye bracelet, on its side, will attract good luck and channel positive energy into the life of the person who wears it. This set is the perfect gift to offer to someone who is spiritual and loves crystal healing properties. Otherwise, it is a pretty jewelry to gift because it can be wear with every colors. 

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