How to Choose the Size of Massage Table?

How to Choose the Size of Massage Table?

Massage therapy is a trained or certified medical professional manipulates the muscle, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments or skin of people's body. As considering as part of integrative medicine, massage may also be used for a wide range of medical conditions. When people focusing on the benefits of massage, the therapists are facing a big challenge: how to choose the right massage table?

Massage tables are important for therapists during their daily work because they need to use them everyday. But under a very limited budget, how can therapists choose from various massage tables? What are the most important factors to choose a massage table?

What are the most important factors to choose a massage table?

There are several important factors for choosing a massage table:

  • Adjustability of the massage table
  • Portability of the massage table
  • The weight capacity of the massage table
  • The quality and fabric styles of the massage table
  • The size of the massage table 

How to choose the size of your massage table?

The industry standard dimension is around 30 inches wide by 71 inches long. In order to choose the right size of the massage table, the therapists need to consider both width and height. 

In terms of width of the massage table: 

  • The massage table should be wide enough to accommodate different shapes and sizes of the clients. It also needs to be wide enough for the therapists to comfortably fit their their treatment styles in order to avoid strain their back. 
  • Different therapists have different postural training and ability, thus the therapists need to choose according to their actual situation. For example, if you are of smaller stature, a width of 28-inch or even 26-inch massage table may be better for you; if you are tall and prefer providing your clients with a spacious experience, a width of 30-inch or 32-inch massage table may be more suitable. 
  • The therapists have to make sure that they can get close enough to the table where the waist can turn, the shoulders are at the right angles to the client's hip, and the hands are parallel to the client's spine. It is important to consider this factor because working in this position will ensure an injury-free career. 
  • As a wider table with wood frames gives more space to clients, a narrower table with aluminium frame would be much lighter than a wider one. A light table is helpful for mobile therapists. 

In terms of height of the massage table: 

  • Almost all portable massage tables today come with height-adjustable legs. No matter which massage table the therapists choose, it should have a wider range of heights to fit the needs.
  • A common height range for a massage table is between 60-80 cm, and this height range should suite every therapist. 

If you still not sure about the best fit for you, go to your training institution or a therapy room to see the actual sizes they are using is a good idea. It really helps you to get a better understanding of the sizes of the tables.

However, sometimes it is inconvenient for you to visit institutions to have some understanding of the sizes. A cut cardboard will help you with choosing between various sizes. You can cut several pieces of cardboard in different width to imagine practising the treatments on the cardboard to see if there is enough room for you to work over it.

In conclusion, it is important to choose the right size of a massage table. It not only guarantees the clients a comfortable massage experience, but protects therapists from injury. offers various size of massage tables with the width from 26-inch to 30-inch. If you're trying to buy a massage table in Montreal or Laval, please come and visit our store Lierre. We offer you the best product from our collections of portable massage tables as well as all necessary massage supplies to meet your needs. If you are not in Montreal but still interested in buying a massage table, do not hesitate to visit! Our online store also provides the massage tables with great prices and other professional massage accessories for you to choose!

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