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Massage tables are a very important part for therapist during their daily work. But under a very limited budget, how can therapist choose from various massage tables? What are the most important factors to look at the store or online website to choose a massage table?

Besides all the factors we have discussed before, size is one of the most important factors to be considered when you make your decision on a massage table. There are different sizes of massage tables on the market right now, tables' width vary from 25” to 32”. There are so many of them. But what is the most suitable size for massage or acupuncture exercises? While 30” width is the industry standard size, this will suit for majority of people’s body shape. Not all therapists and acupuncturists have the same feeling to massage tables during the treatments. The best table size is depending on the treatments and practitioners’ ability. Sometimes a tall therapist may find that a narrower 26” table is better for his practice and a smaller therapist may interest in a 32” table.

However, in most cases, a smaller person would be better to go with a narrower table of 28” or even 26”. A taller person would be work better with a 30” or 32” table. It is very important to give clients more space for comfortable issue.

During the practice, you would like to ensure that you can get close enough and give the treatments to clients. You can comfortably doing massage from clients’ head to toe according to different requirements of the clients. At the same time, you would like your clients to relax and enjoy the treatments with enough space not only put their body on but for moving on the table. Both clients and the practitioners themselves are vital factors when you make your choice.

As a wider table with wood frames gives more space to clients, a narrower table with aluminium frame would be much lighter than a wider one. If you are a mobile therapist, a very light table helps a lot. If you are still not sure about the best fit for you, it would be a good idea for you to go to your training institution or a therapy room to see the actual sizes they are using. Lierre has two physical stores located in Montreal which have various massage tables for therapists to acknowledge the sizes of the tables. It really helps you to get a better understanding of how wide those tables are.

However, sometimes it is inconvenient for you to visit Lierre Medical or other institutions to have some understanding of the widths. A cut cardboard will help you with choosing between various sizes. You can cut several pieces of cardboard in different width to imagine practising the treatments on the cardboard to see if there is enough room for you to work over it. Lierre Medical offers various widths of massage tables (French Tables de massage) from 26” to 30”. If you're trying to buy a massage table in Montreal or Laval in Quebec,  you are welcome to visit Lierre to find out the best from our collections of portable massage tables, electric massage tables, stationary massage tables as well as all necessary massage supplies to fit for your needs. If you are not in Montreal, we do have online store with great prices and a large collection for you to choose from.