Ultimate Christmas Stocking Stuffer Guide Under $10

One of the best part of Christmas Stocking Stuffer is seeing your Christmas sock getting loaded days after days during December. The principle is simple: You stuff the sock under the chimney with affordable products or food that the person likes. Nothing fancy: just random small products that can fit into it. In this article, I will propose you funny and affordable suggestion to stuff the Christmas sock on our loved ones.

Garlic Peeler

There are some vegetables that are really annoying to peel and cut: Garlic is one of them. Only $5, this garlic peeler is the perfect product to add to Christmas sock. Easy to use and very easy to clean, the peeler is made of food-grade silicone. Please the garlic lover of your family with this amazing tool. To learn how to use it, consult this video that shows step by step how to use it. 

Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws (4pcs)

More than ever, we are aware that we have to change our consumption habits for the health of our planet. Sometime, we can be overwhelmed about the situation and do not know where to start. Even the smallest change counts. Made of durable silicone, the type of material is made to be reusable many times and  it is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe. The set comes in a pack of 4 straws, two bent and two straight straws. Furthermore, it is compatible with most tumblers since it can be used with 20 oz and 30 oz bottle. This Christmas  2019, buy eco-friendly gifts and also offer  a gift for the environment

Nova Scotia Fisherman Candy Cane Lip Balm

Get you and your boo in the mood of holidays 2019 with this candy cane fisherman lip balm. Created with premium and all natural candy cane flavor, this balm will smooth the driest lips. It contains only rich and natural moisturizers and protectants. Only $6.99, it will hydrate your skin during the cold and changing weather of winter.

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Cinnamon Natural Incense by Shoyeido

These cinnamon incense sticks will scent your house of the holiday spirit. Shoyeido cultivate dried and curled inner bark of the eastern Cinnamon tree in order to offer the highest quality of incense. Your room will be cozy and welcoming with the approximate burning time of 50 minutes per sticks. The package contains 35 sticks of 8.75 inches. Your guest will probably think you are cooking cinnamon rolls but in fact it is only Shoyeido incense! 

For more suggestions about Christmas stocking stuffer under $10, visit our website or consult our blog. We offer fast and free CAN shipping on orders above $69. Stay tuned for our holiday gift guide 2019 and our boxing day sales. 

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