Cupping reduces cellulite

As we age, here comes the dreaded cellulite! If you’ve recently found some cellulite on your body, it’s no reason to panic. Cellulite is something which will occur to the majority of our population beginning as early as in their 20s. The primary cause of cellulite is believed to be genetic, causing increased fluid retention, weak veins which result in blood circulation not being as effective, and a lymphatic drainage system that also does not work so well. A hormonal imbalance can also potentially result in more fat cells being developed.  

Can Silicone Cupping help Reduce Cellulite?

As fat cells lie beneath the skin, some convert into cellulite over time. The fascia connecting the skin to the underlying muscle is pushed up, when this happens. The appearance one’s left with is skin that looks dimpled. Now, let’s think about what silicone cupping therapy does. Cupping creates suction which lifts the skin. This can be done in a static position or a silicone cup can be glided across the skin. This reverse pressure helps to break up the cellulite. At the same time, circulation is stimulated, fat and toxins are released into your lymph draining network, and fluid build-up is reduced.   As if eliminating cellulite with cupping was not enough of a reason to consider the treatment, there are plenty of other benefits. Cupping can help in weight loss spot reduction, can help with sagging skin or love handles, and will ultimately leave skin soft, healthy, and more flexible. For maximum effective, treatment needs to be done often. Now, you might be thinking you have to go to a practitioner of some kind to pay $100s for this – so not the case! Silicone cupping sets are available for at-home use. Inexpensive and just as effective, if not more effective than other materials, silicone cupping sets are a great buy for any person uncomfortable with the appearance of cellulite.   For some, they may look at the marks left over after cupping treatment has concluded and be completely turned off. Let us be clear in stating the vacuum which forms in cupping brings non-circulating stagnant blood to the surface of your skin and away from where they naturally reside deep in the muscle. As this blood is removed, oxygen, new cells, and nutrients filter into your muscle. What you’re left with is blood at the surface of your skin. So needless to say, this is not damage to your skin nor the muscle underneath it. These cupping marks also fade within a few days or less. They’re no reason to deny yourself the benefits of cupping!   Buy your very own silicone cupping set online from Tap into all the benefits of cupping therapy and reduce cellulite today!

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