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Do you want to try cupping – you’re not alone. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps have made cupping a trendy, attractive Instagram-friendly alternative treatment to give a look to. This year, thousands of Canadians will give cupping a chance. 

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Cupping’s been used for over 2,000 years as a health treatment in ancient Chinese medicine. Today, athletes and people from all walks of life have used it to speed up muscle recovery, promote stress relief and relaxation, and to reduce inflammation. Before you try cupping for the first time, here’s a little insight into what to expect.

A few minutes.

Cupping therapy should not take more than ten minutes from start to finish. Some may want cupping treatment to last a little longer or a little less. Regardless, you shouldn’t expect to be cupped for longer than this.

Doesn’t it feel weird?

Cupping can feel a little strange to someone who has not had it before. After all, a suction cup pulling up the skin and muscle away from the bone is not something a lot have experienced before. For a lot of people, there’s no pain involved while for others, there may be some minor discomfort.

Cupping’s sort of like an inverse massage.

In a massage, a practitioner applies pressure downwards onto the muscle to relieve tension. Cupping suctions the tissue upwards, doing the opposite. Connective tissue and muscles move away from the skeletal system, resulting in our body’s systems activating flexibility, healing, and recovery.

You can put it other places than your back.

Analyzing cupping marks and pictures of people doing cupping, you almost always see the cupping applied to the back. Although the back’s a very popular place to put cups, they can also be applied on the thighs, arms, or almost anywhere on the body. Depending on where you want to see the benefit, you may choose to apply it on the neck, knee, arm, or elsewhere.

There’s more than one type of cupping.

There are more than a few cupping types, the most popular being fixed cupping and moving cupping. The primary difference between these is one involves moving the cups strategically around while the other keeps the cups static and positioned.

The truth about cupping.

The bruising which silicone cupping sets and other types of cupping sets can leave behind are temporary, and will usually disappear within a few days. Not everyone will see cupping marks appear. Some will and others won’t. Please note that cupping marks aren’t a sign treatment has been successful.

Cupping in Canada is being practiced by more alternative health centers, clinics, and by Canadians at home. From, get your own silicone cupping set designed for home use and see the benefits on your schedule.

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