Essential oils are an ideal way to achieve balance in body, mind, and soul. Adding a few drops into a aroma diffuser is one way to achieve this calm and peace. Another way is to take it with you wherever you go – something you can now do with aromatherapy pendants and necklaces.

With a pendant or necklace, you can take your aromatherapy scents with you wherever you go. Enjoy it at the grocery store, in traffic, or at work. Take it with you and instantly have what you need to keep your focused and balanced.

So what is an essential oils necklace or pendant – well, it’s a wearable, portable, and trendy container. You don’t need to hang around the house or visit a spa to get these benefits. The oils carried in a necklace or pendant can be inhaled wherever. This type of jewelry is usually made from natural materials, like clay, metal, or glass.

Different aromatherapy pendants or necklaces work differently, according to the design. Glass oils will typically trap an oil inside, allowing it to gradually seep out over the course of a day. Alternatively, metal will usually use a small scented sponge or pad inside to diffuse essential oil through tiny holes. The thing to remember is to always ensure the oil has been fully absorbed prior to leaving the house. You don’t want undiluted essential oils to come into contact with your clothing or skin. All it takes is a few drops a day. You don’t need more than that!

Canadians who wear these sort of pendants and necklaces report a number of benefits, such as controlling mood better, being able to take their favourite scents with them, having the chance to create blends which can lead to having your own unique signature perfume, and of course a pendant or necklace will preserve essential oils’ scent longer than you’ll find on any perfume. Chemicals are not involved, unlike what you have in cologne and perfume. Do away with the harms of the unregulated cosmetics industry and live a more natural existence. has several aroma pendants and necklaces on sale for the Victoria Day 2019 long weekend. If you’ve always had an interest, do yourself a favor and grab yours today while you can save a few bucks. Like it has for others, wearing an essential oil necklace will give you an amazing smell to take with you wherever you go. You’ll be in a better mood because of it!

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