Everything You Need to Know About A Hula Hoop Workout

Why Hula Hoop Exercises Work

Hula hoop workouts are all over TikTok, Instagram, and social media, showing off a new way to exercise.

While they may not look like they’re made for fitness, we’ve seen more and more exercise programs and gym-goers take up hula hoops in the past few years as the pandemic’s forced a lot of public gyms to close.

A great home workout tool and all-around excellent cardio method, you can get your heart pumping with a hula hoop. Here’s how.

Hula hoop fitness is low-impact cardio. You burn calories. You lose body fat. You work your core while also targeting flexibility and balance in a way that jogging, elliptical machines, and other forms of cardio don’t.

Hula hoop from lierre.caBenefits of Hula Hoop Workouts

• Burn calories. Without putting any unnecessary stress on your body, you are burning calories. Although it may not be the ultimate weight loss method, you burn up to 420 calories/hour working a non-weighted hula hoop. Add to that some weight and you increase your calorie-burning by quite a bit.

• Work your core. Among the hula hoop benefits you have to look forward to, as a hula hoop moves around your body, you work to control it with a strong core. With your core, you’re moving your waist and hips, activating your leg muscles, and strengthening your mid-to-lower body.

What Hula Hoop Exercises To Try

There are lots of hula hoop exercises to try. The easiest to start may be a hula hoop squat. Put your arms out in a T-shape. Hula hoop like you normally would. Slowly complete a squat while maintaining the motion of the hula hoop. This is difficult for a lot of people so cut yourself some slack when you start.

Another exercise you can try is moving side to side, completing hula hoop halos, and there are even hula hoop sit-ups.

Another Home Exercise Tool On Black Friday Deals…

Build your own home workout room or home fitness area with tools like this. A hula hoop is affordable, challenging in its own way, and will keep you in shape. It’s something else to add to your wish-list for the holiday season or pick up yourself on Black Friday deal.

Even though the world is opening back up, having a way to work out at home is important. Sometimes you don’t have the time to get to a gym. We get it. Us, too. …but surely, almost everyone has the time for a quick ten-minute workout at home.

Even if you work from home, on your lunch break, you can grab your hula hoop and do 2-3 minutes.

The hula hoop is a fun way to stay physically engaged. You can totally customize a hula hoop workout to what you want it to be, with dozens of exercises to learn and try. Shop hula hoops on Black Friday sale this month at Lierre.ca.

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