How to Use Aromatherapy Strategically for Every Room in your Home

Aromatherapy and emotional well-being walk hand-in-hand. Studies have shown a clear link between scent and mood, affecting work performance, stress levels, and satisfaction. The practice of using natural oils through aromatherapy to tap into the body’s own ability to enhance our health and mood is something more Canadians are doing than ever. Here are some suggestions on how to use essential oilsto spruce up different parts of your home.


The entryway to a home should feel relaxed, welcoming, and stress-free. Therefore, something warming like a vanilla tends to work well in the doorway or alternatively, during the holidays, spruce, grapefruit, cinnamon, or clove can be very heavy and welcoming. During the summer months, you always want to go lighter with something like a mandarin and lavender.

What are the effects of aromatherapy?


Lemon and citrus oils aromatherapy are best for kitchens because, simply put, they’re going to communicate a sense of clean. They’re very expected and neutral, compared to other possible options. Lemon and thyme, basil, sweet orange and Scots pine, or something citrus-esque like grapefruit, mandarin, mint and cinnamon, or clove all work well.


The bedroom is used, generally, for sleep and sex. There are scents that work for both. For sleep, lavender is calming, and Roman chamomile or sweet marjoram also works wonders. For romantic endeavors, something like a sandalwood and rose or ylang ylang is conductive to this. Do keep in mind males and females react differently to scents, and so any scent should be something everyone enjoys. Women generally react better to floral scents, like bergamot, jasmine, rose, and geranium, while men may prefer essential oils which are spicy, earthy, and/or citrusy.

Does aromatherapy actually work?
Does aromatherapy actually work?

Living room

The main space of the home is where people tend to congregate and be with one another the most. Essential oil scents like frankincense, Scots pine, or black pepper are ideal, lively, and stimulating. If you’re looking for something more purification-oriented, you may want to try eucalyptus, tea tree oil, lemon, or lavender which are all excellent at purifying a space.

Laundry room

The laundry room is going to be a place where you want clean scents to occupy. Something like a lavender goes a long way, although we strongly recommend never putting essential oils in the washing machine. It’s a complete waste of the essential oil and is a very expensive practice. Anyone seeking to infuse aromas into clothing can do so with a sachet or a clay diffuser in the linen closet. With these, only a few drops once or twice a week is enough to get those scents in the clothing.Shop all your favourite aromatherapy essential oils and more from Aromatherapy’s impact on the home can be hugely positive. Grab all the best essential oil scents and more tod

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