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There are so many different massage tables on the market in Canada. How do you know one’s high quality and another not so much – it can be overwhelming to think about it. A massage table will get used frequently, especially at a busy clinic. You need a table that will withstand patient after patient.

Aluminum Light Weight Portable Massage Table 26" Package Lierre Canada

There are nearly a dozen factors to look at when searching the best massage table in Canada. Buyers will want to look at the width of the massage table, table length and height, if there are any adjustable features, table weight, weight capacity, foam thickness, upholstery style, the material composition, the price, and the quality of course.


Electric Lift Tilt Massage Table with Height Control


If you’re purchasing purely based on quality, you may end up spending more than you need to on a massage table. High quality massage tables come at a cost. Thankfully, there are some markets such as where you can find great quality massage tables in Canada without having to pay an arm and a leg. The balance between cost and quality is something every practitioner needs to measure.


Classic Portable Massage Table -


Your massage table in Canada should ultimately suit you in budget, skill level, and aesthetic. No need to waste your time on lesser quality tables unless you intend to only practice on a casual basis and risk not growing your practice. Massage therapists who are serious about growing business and advancing in the field, investing in a good quality table is the first step. It’ll make a difference to you and more importantly, your clients will take note.

Remember, do not ever sell your clients down the river to save a few dollars. Whether it’s a massage table or massage table accessories, you want a professional image and you want patients to feel safe, comfortable, and well-taken care of. A lot of massage tables are leather, which is durable and easy to clean. PVC leather is most common but may not necessarily be comfortable to the client. Alternatively, there’s PU leather which is softer. The material the table is made with also factors in. High quality wood that’s strong works. If you’ve chosen an aluminum massage table, ensure it’s a high grade aluminum that isn’t going to be easily dented or bent. has a number of high quality massage tables in Canada ready and available, ranging from an aluminum lightweight model to portable models, basic stationary, Earthlite electric massage tables, DX package portable tables, electric lift tilt massage table with height controls, Lierre branded massage tables, Powerlift ergonomic massage tables with foot pedal, and a shiatsu massage futon.

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