What is A Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Health and wellness water bottles are pretty, popular, and marketed in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, they don’t always meet the mark on quality.

A crystal elixir water bottle does. Crafted with a crystal at the center inside the bottle, it’s not decorative. There’s a reason for it. The crystal chosen infuses the water with the energy carried inside.

The resulting water is considered a crystal healing elixir. In it are a stone’s attractions and protections. It’s a way to commit to intentions and perhaps, get a little bit of help towards achieving your goals.

Can They Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Trying to find the answer to what is a Thera Crystals Elixir Water Bottle Base, we must look at the claims.

These products are supposed to uplift the spirit, assist in maintaining health, and improve well-being.

Considered a more direct way to get energy from a crystal as you’re absorbing it directly, a bottle’s a fine accessory to have when you’re on-the-go, to the gym, or on your way to work.

A lot of people agree that crystal elixir water bottles work. They find they drink the water and receive more focus, more energy, and more life. Though this is anecdotal, it’s worth something especially in an industry where making unverified claims is the norm.

Why We Use Different Stones in Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Every crystal is different. An amethyst is known to provide clarity, while rose quartz attracts love. What stone you select is important.

These crystals can be positioned around the house, kept in small bags, worn as jewelry, or incorporated into the design of a water bottle.

Please note, you can’t make a crystal elixir water bottle at home because it is dangerous. A concern is the toxicity of certain stones. Some aren’t mean to be in water, compared to rose quartz, amethyst, and jade which are all safe.

Another risk in making your own DIY crystal elixir water bottle is some crystals like selenite and Himalayan salt dissolve in water.

It’s much better to rely on a certified source like Lierre.ca and a known product like the Thera Crystals™ Elixir Water Bottle Base.

A Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

There is a lot to appreciate about a crystal water bottle, including its look. For someone who subscribes to fitness and health philosophies, who appreciates trendy Instagram gifts, or in searching for the right Mother’s Day gift for their partner, this is quite the product.

Are you ready for a crystal elixir? Buy a crystal water bottle today to attract good, healthy elements while ridding yourself of the stresses holding you back. Take care of yourself with a premium-grade crystal elixir bottle from Lierre.ca. Shop now and choose your favourite stone.

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