Cupping therapy

Cupping isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay. Once a form of pure traditional Chinese medicine, the cupping techniques used today have been adapted to suit the needs of athletes and normal people everywhere.


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How Does Cupping Work?

Cupping uses cups made from silicone or glass. They are placed on the body, apply suction upward, and increase circulation in these areas. Through an increase in circulation and manipulating certain regions of the body, the results are similar to a massage.

What Health Conditions Can Cupping Treat?

  • Muscle pain can be relieved through the use of suction, which draws in new blood and eliminates stagnancy.
  • Flu and cold symptoms have been proven to find relief from cupping. Restore energy, alleviating common symptoms such as chest congestion and coughing.
  • Manage your weight through the use of cupping on the digestive system. Cupping stimulates digestion, improves bowel movements, and aids in getting waste products circulated out of the body.

 Can Anyone Get Cupping Done?

Almost anyone can have silicone cupping done. The only exception is if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are a diabetic, or if you are pregnant. In these cases, you'd better to consult a healthcare practitioners before using cupping treatment

How to Use Silicone Cupping

Cupping is a very straightforward process. How to use silicone cupping is to apply the right technique. There is details and informative user guide provided by, you can read through below link

Silicone cupping user guide

The average cupping session lasts no longer than 15 minutes. Position the cups on top of the muscles you want to treat. Apply suction. Let them sit and then, remove them when you’re finished.

Of course, you may be wondering if cupping will leave marks on you as they do for others. It’s possible. The circular marks are harmless. They aren’t bruises but merely evidence of blood suctioned up to the surface of the skin. They will fade within a few days.

When you start cupping, we recommend going slow and working your way up to 15 minutes. Oftentimes, it can be very uncomfortable the first time or the sensation can be strange. Fortunately, the more you do it, the more you will get used to it.

What Are Different Cupping Techniques?

You have a few different ways to do cupping. There’s ‘stationary cupping’ which is the best starting point. With this, you simply apply the cups and leave them on the body for maximum 10-15 minutes or shorter if the patient cannot tolerate them for longer.

There’s also moving cupping which is where the cups are moved along a larger area. They generally follow the meridians of the body and are a more painful version of cupping though beneficial for some.

Lastly, one may also choose to combine their cupping with acupuncture. This is done for experienced cupping patients requesting something more intense or for those who want to maximize their results.

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