Cupping therapy

How to Do Silicone Cupping for Beginners

Cupping isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay. Once a form of pure traditional Chinese medicine, the cupping techniques used today have been adapted to su...
Is it Safe to Take A Shower After Cupping therapy?

Is it Safe to Take A Shower After Cupping?

A common question cupping practitioners receive is, “When can I shower after cupping?” It’s advisable to wait a little while before jumping into the shower. Here’s why.
Cupping sets from Canada - Blisters and bruises

How Does Cupping Therapy Cause Blisters?

Cupping therapy is currently becoming popular ever since Olympic athletes were spotted with cupping marks on their backs and shoulders. Some exampl...
shop cupping massage sets at lierre for winter

Few Ways On How Cupping Massage Can Help You Have a Better Winter

With the dropping temperatures, we’ve found that cupping to be especially beneficial, helping us feel healthier, warmer, and ready to face the frig...
Do you have dampness in your body?

Do you have dampness in your body?

Do you have dampness in your body? For elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), most people only know Yin and Yang. But besides Yin and Yang...
cupping therapy for kids

Cupping therapy for kids

While some kids are afraid of acupuncture needles, cups seem very interesting for them to play with. They are curious about cupping therapy because...