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Besides Yin and Yang, there are lots of elements in traditional Chinese medicine such as dampness and heats. These two elements are frequently spoken by traditional Chinese medicine practitioner when they treat patients. But do you know what dampness is and why this word is always shown? In Chinese medicine, dampness is considered to be the biggest enemy of people’s health nowadays. Majority of the people have strong potential to have dampness inside their body. In Chinese, dampness means the “high humidity” inside the body. The high humidity can be caused by various reasons. It may because of the weather or living habits of people. People right now are eating really well, most of the time, we are eating much more than we should. Many of our food contain a lot of fat and sugar. At the same time, we do not have much time for exercising. All these excessive food and nutrition will affect people’s digestive function. And when our stomach and spleen cannot digest all these excessive nutrition, it will remain in our body and become potential dampness. At this moment, we will feel tired very easily, have greasy looking, have obesity problem and other symptoms occur. There are possibilities to have other serve problems too such as high cholesterol, cancer, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies and environmental illness. How to decide whether you have dampness in your body? There are several symptoms to help you decide whether you have too much dampness in your body.
  1. Too much sputum
  2. Malaise or generalized weakness
  3. Too much saliva
  4. Obesity even with diet
  5. Very sleepy in the morning even with enough sleeping hours
If you have more than 3 of the symptoms describe above, you probably have dampness inside your body. What should you do if you have dampness? In order to get rid of dampness, there are various methods for you to choose. We will introduce two most effective methods and other general things for you to pay attention to.
  1. Eating red beans, pearl barley, and Chinese yam.
In traditional Chinese medicine, food is the best medicine than any other types of medicines. These three foods are the most useful treatments for dampness inside your body. Avoid eating sugary and fat food to prevent accumulating more dampness in your body. Do not eat too much cold food too. Apart from food, exercising is also very important. Exercise will help with digestion as well. You will sweat a lot during exercising which is a great way to reduce dampness inside your body.
  1. Having massage cupping at Cheng Shan Acupoint

This is the most powerful and effective acupoint for reducing dampness. It is located on urinary Bladder Meridian. When you stimulate it, you will activate your Yang inside your body to reduce dampness. Cheng Shan acupoint is 8 cun below UB 40 in a pointed depression below the gastrocnemius when leg is stretched or heel is lifted.

silicone cupping sets

 Most people will feel soreness and pains when you stimulate your Cheng Shan Acupoint. It is because you have dampness inside your body. After massage cupping on Cheng Shan for a while, you will feel warmer than before. It is because your Yang is activated. You can get silicone cupping sets to do massage cupping by your own from time to time to reduce dampness in your body. 

silicone cupping sets

This is the clear silicone cup from Lierre. It uses high-quality medical grade silicone which is safe for kids and adults to use.
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