Is it Safe to Take A Shower After Cupping therapy?

Is it Safe to Take A Shower After Cupping?

Cupping therapy, as a popular trending alternative therapy, has been widely used to reduce inflammation, minimize pain, and motivate healing in the body. One of the most common questions cupping practitioners often receive is, “when can I shower after cupping?”

When can I take a shower after cupping?

The answer is, we strongly advise you to wait at least 3 hours before taking a shower. If you can wait longer than that, it is even better. The reason is your skin needs some time to recover after one cupping session, and 3 hours is enough.

Cupping and its impacts on the body

The basic theory of cupping therapy is easy: creating negative pressure inside a cup and placing the cup on the body, the tissue will be lifted upwards and drawn up into the cup by the negative pressure. This process could increase blood flow, loosen fascia or connective tissue, and is thought to stimulate your body to heal.
It is fantastic that cupping can help relieve pain and speed up healing; however, there are also adverse effects. When the skin is sucked into the cup, marks, bruises and blisters could be left behind. For example, you could easily get blisters if your practitioner leaves the cups on your body too long.

Why you shouldn’t shower after cupping

Even though different people’s skins have different degrees of reaction to cupping, everyone’s skin will become more sensitive to temperature in the areas where the cups were placed because your pores have opened after the cupping session. Under this circumstance, a hot bath is going to cause skin damage and increase inflammation.

Some people may think a cold shower might work. Unfortunately, it is not the case: your pores are open after cupping. You’re more likely to catch a cold in a cold shower than you are to circumvent the risks of taking a shower after cupping. In short, please do not take a shower after cupping.

In short, whether you’re using cupping for cellulite, pain, post-workout recovery, or to reduce inflammation, the effects aren’t strictly positive at the moment. Just like with other treatments, therapies, and massages, there are always some adverse effects while it’s happening. Remember after one cupping session, avoid showering for as long as you can. Moreover, avoid performing vigorous exercise immediately after. Drink lots of water afterward to help flush extracted toxins and stagnations.


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