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Did you know that today’s massage techniques are almost all pulled from ancient therapies and alternative medicines from centuries ago ?  It’s true.

Though cupping may feel like a new trend in alternative therapies, it’s as ancient as any other massage. Cupping is used by athletes and people from all walks of life today to reduce inflammation, minimize pain, and motivate healing in the body.

A common question cupping practitioners receive is, “When can I shower after cupping?” It’s advisable to wait a little while before jumping into the shower. Here’s why.

Cupping and its Impact on the Body

Massage cups are placed on the skin. They create suction, lifting tissue upwards. Cupping engages circulation and is believed to aid in the flow of energy in the body. Several cupping benefits are reported anecdotally from people who use it.

When the tissue is sucked into the cup, adverse effects can occur. Marks can be left behind. Depending on the intensity of the pressure, temporary scarring can occur in the area as well as bruising. Especially for beginners or people who haven’t had a cupping session in a long time, it’s recommended to not take a shower after cupping.

Why You Shouldn’t Shower After Cupping

Why you can’t shower after cupping is because it’s likely your pores have opened where the suction silicone cups were placed. The skin there is more sensitive than usual. A hot bath or shower’s going to cause skin damage and increase inflammation. Don’t do it.


Some may think, a cold shower could work! Unfortunately, not the case. Your pores are open. Your body’s exposed. You’re more likely to catch a cold in a cold shower than you are to circumvent the risks of taking a shower after cupping.


How Long Should I Wait Before Taking A Shower After Cupping?


After a session with your Silicone Cupping Sets, we always advise waiting 3 hours before taking a shower. Longer than that’s even better. Three hours will allow your skin enough time to heal and for sensitivity to go down.


Whether you’re using cupping for cellulite, pain, post-workout recovery, or to reduce inflammation, the effects aren’t strictly positive in the moment. Just like with other treatments, therapies, and massages, you put the body through minor trauma while it’s happening. Let it heal.


After a few hours, a person who has had cupping done is left with only the benefits and no negatives. Avoid showering for as long as you can. Drink lots of water afterward to help flush extracted toxins and stagnations. Avoid performing vigorous exercise immediately after. Be careful with these things as they all carry with them the risk of aggravating and irritating the skin.


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