acupuncture is not just for pain lierre canada
One of the most common misconceptions about acupuncture is that it’s mainly used to address chronic pain. Though acupuncture certainly provides relief from such conditions, its range of applications is much, much wider.
Traditional Chinese medicine integrates a global view of health into its philosophy: healthcare, in TCM, is something that you should be practicing every day, and connects your diet, exercise routine, mental state, and your body through flows of energy. It therefore makes sense that practitioners are often able to make connections between different states that would remain invisible to individuals that are only used to a Western view of medicine.
Moving beyond symptom management, acupuncture is also to address complex medical issues such as drug addiction and physical rehabilitation. Far from static, acupuncture practices have evolved to complement Western medical practices, rather than rival them; it is an unfortunate oversimplification of history to believe that this ancient practice was developed in a vacuum, and was passed down unchanged through generations. One of the best examples of compatibility between TCM and Western practices is the widespread use of acupuncture to manage post-operative symptoms, and chemotherapy induced vomiting and nausea. Lierre offers different types of acupuncture needles of acupuncture needles for sale, but always of the highest quality;even our uncoated acupuncture needles such as Zagu have an incredibly smooth and almost painless insertion. We offer free shipping on orders over 69$ if you want to buy acupuncture needles from Vancouver or acupuncture needles from Toronto.
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