Can Acupuncture Needles Be Left In for Too Long?

Can Acupuncture Needles Be Left In for Too Long?

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been practiced for thousands of years. As acupuncture becomes one of the most popular alternative therapy people use nowadays, some main concerns also come to mind. For example, is it safe to leave the needles in for too long? 

Is it safe to leave the needles in for too long?

For acupuncture needles, as a general rule of thumb, there is no guide on how long to leave the inserted needles on the body. Therefore, leaving acupuncture needles for long periods of time should not be a concern.

In TCM, needles are inserted in specific acu-points along the body, and they are meant to restore the balance of the energetic flow of the person. Specifically, when an inserted needle is in place, as long as it reaches natural balance, the equilibrium promoted by the needles will be maintained.

How long does it take for one acupuncture session?

Generally, one acupuncture session takes 30 minutes to an hour. However, acupuncturists usually take some time to access their patients for personalized treatment. Thus, different patients will receive different treatments based on their assessments, and different treatments require different amount of time. 

Moreover, patient’s preference also affects the time. For instance, if a patient want to undertake a relaxing session, the acupuncturist can schedule a longer period of time; if a patients want a more rigorous session, the acupuncturist can schedule a shorter period of time. 

Does size of acupuncture needles matter?

In terms of size, the short answer is size does matter. The reason is acupuncturists use the different gauges (sizes) of acupuncture needles for different types of the body and treatment, so the length of treatment time will be varied. Compare to larger needles, thinner needles are usually required to placed for a longer period of time. 

In short, it is safe to leave leave the acupuncture needles for an expected period of time. Generally, thinner needles are required to be placed for a longer time compare to larger needles. If you still have concerns, you can talk to your acupuncturist before acupuncture session about the exact time. 


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