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From patient to patient, the right acupuncture treatment time varies. There is no universal fixed time one must keep in their acupuncture needles. Depending on symptoms, personal preferences, age, gender, and more, needles can be in for different periods of time and may produce different benefits.   How long you need to have acupuncture needles in the body is a common question asked by new patients. Although some may think the longer they are in the body, the body, needles applied in different durations produce different benefits. Different conditions require different treatments. Some acupuncturists believe in periods of 30 minutes to an hour while others may apply needles to the body for only ten to fifteen minutes.

Theoretically speaking, there are two theories acupuncture practitioners use as a guide to determine length of time the needles need to be in for. According to The Nan Jing, it’s the circulation of blood and balance of energies which are focused on.   The total length of the body’s meridians and collaterals is believed to equal 1620 cun. Energy is believed to move through the body’s meridians at a rate of six cun for each inhalation and exhalation. Therefore, 1620 divided by 6 equates to 270 breaths which allows for energy to make its way fully through the body. If someone breaths 14 times a minute, it takes 20 minutes to complete a cycle. If they breathe 18 times a minute, it requires fifteen minutes. Therefore, 15-20 minute is recommended in some cases.   Comparatively, in The Ling Shu-Spiritual Pivot, it is believed the body’s energy and blood is circulated through our channels 50 times a day. 24 hours equals 1440 minute, which when divided by 50 is 28 minutes and 48 seconds. For practitioners who subscribe to this approach, these guidelines suggest an acupuncture needle retention time of approximately 30 minutes.

shop acupuncture needles in canada at

Whether you’re a practitioner or are an at-home enthusiast of acupuncture, where to buy acupuncture needles is We have several types to choose from, including specialized types. Acupuncture in application can treat various conditions and keep the needles in according to the length of time you desire.   Some acupuncturists will put in needles across five locations or less, stimulating intensely, and removing the needles when positive effects are begin to be shown. It is believed the brain’s stimulated via acupuncture. The needles notify the brain to secrete neurotransmitters for pain relief. Once this starts to happen, there’s no reason to keep the needles in any longer.

Feel encouraged to experiment a little. Put your needles in and see how long it takes to receive your positive result. For the best acupuncture needles in Canada, visit today to shop all varieties.

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