How to Choose Acupuncture Needles

The most important pieces of equipment acupuncturists have to buy are, of course, needles. Practitioners should carefully consider which brand of needles they purchase: the wrong type could persuade customers to never come to see you again, or make your treatments costlier, unsafe, slower, or just plain ineffective. It is no accident that needles are sometimes called instruments: when you use the right ones, they should react and adapt to your movements, becoming like extensions to your body.  There is no single type of needle that is right for a practitioner; rather, there is a type of needle that is more appropriate for every situation, depending for example on the patient and type of treatment. While you might still have to try several types of needles to find the most appropriate ones for your treatments, at Lierre, we've done our best to ensure that there is no wrong decision. Lierre's acupuncture needles are top-quality, respected brands at the best price on the market. All of our acupuncture needles are made from surgical grade stainless steel from Japan or Germany, and manufactured using the latest techniques to grind and monitor the needle tips. We stock world-class needles of different sizes, styles, and packaging: you will be able to find needles with and without silicone, Korean and Chinese style needles, and needles that are individually packaged or in packs of 5 to 10. To make the decision making process a bit easier, we offer free needle samples throughout Canada: you only have to pay the shipping!


For patients who are nervous, sensitive, or undergoing treatment for the first time, we recommend using Acu Relaxo copper handled needles, or the Acu Relaxo QJ Type. These needles are known for their exceptionally smooth and nearly painless insertion, and they're sure to put your clients at ease. These exceptionally versatile needles will almost any situation, and we sincerely recommend them for most practitioners. Practitioners who want to emphasize the de qifeeling will find that the Lierre needles will better suit their needs. Lierre brand acupuncture needles allow the practitioner to detect even the most subtle muscular movements, and they’re both more responsive and great for restimulation.  These needles are therefore best for treatments requiring acupuncture techniques such as Ticha (lifting and thrusting) and Nianzhuan (twisting). If your treatments tend to be fast-paced and you need to access several needles at once, both H.L. Seo Won Spring handle and ShinLin Spring needles come in packages of 10, allowing easy, quick access. These Korean style acupuncture needles are great for restimulation; if you would rather not use this type of needle but still needs to access multiple needles, most of our brands are packaged in packs of five when bought in bulk. For patients who are allergic to silicone, or for practitioners who use stimulators and are wary of using silicone, we recommend using non-coated Zagu needles.

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