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Being aware of the quality of the material used is a constant concern of health professionals in an area where the practitioner must be able to explain to his patients and his peers the details of his practice when necessary. It will be necessary to look for a good knowledge of all the parameters involved in the quality of the acupuncture needles.

shop high quality acupuncture needles at

Since stainless steel, the main material of acupuncture needles, is produced in many sub-varieties of various qualities and being well informed remains essential. Thus, some types of steel will be more fragile, while others may have a ductility comparable to copper. Knowing the manufacturing methods of your usual brand can understand and even explain why it is the one you prefer! Some types will also be more hypoallergenic than others.

We must also consider the various lubricants that can be used, the effects of which are not always approved, especially since it is not mandatory to declare their presence on the needle according to Canadian standards. In addition, we must think of the sterilization rooms that are used do not always meet the same standards. Thus, in some manufactures, protein residues of dead bacteria may remain on the needles, causing an unpleasant inflammatory effect in some sensitive patients. This effect can cause redness and itching.

The practitioner should always be as sensitive as possible to the effect of his needles on the patient, since each constitution requires a specific type of needle for maximum experience. Thus, a nervous and skinny patient will have a far more interesting experience with silicone needles, for example, while it will be necessary to look for highly hypoallergenic marks in patients highly allergic to the metal in whom itching reactions occur without stopping.

In addition, the sharpening methods that have a great influence on the final product should not be neglected. Thus, low-end brands may offer needles with blunt or broken tip microscopy level, causing additional discomfort for the patient. These sensations can make qi feel too fast or give a false impression of qi. The main interest of having a less reactivity to the acupuncture needle, is the possibility that it offers the practitioner to reach the exact level he wants to achieve before doing the maneuvers to get the qi.

At, we supply and know the quality of all the needles available in store. Do not hesitate to tell us about the brand you prefer in order to get more information and be assured that we are on the lookout for any comments on our needles. Thus, it is possible for a lot to arrive for one reason or another with a manufacturing defect. It is essential that we be informed to ensure the highest quality of all products and the health of your patients.

We offer quality acupuncture needles brands like Acu Relaxo, Shinlin, Zagu, Ivy, H.L. Seo Wong and Seirin quality acupuncture needles. Do not hesitate to ask us each of their particularities and why they are the best for the specific needs of each type of your patients!

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