Magnetic patches: why and how to use them

Tough pains can be hard to treat. It’s especially hard if you’re trying to avoid the most popular methods, namely aspirin and camphor bandages: while these solutions can be very effective, they also can irritate the skin or interact with other medications in an undesirable way. Magneto-therapy provides a safe and convenient alternative to these treatments. The most common treatment involves using magnetic bandages, which can be placed just about anywhere on the body. The patches’ effect on the magnetic field deeply penetrates the affected zone and immediately provides relief and promotes healing.


The advantages of using these patches are that they’re great for sensitive skin, and their effect does not weaken over time. Users report feeling better after only a few hours, and even regaining a degree of mobility on frozen shoulders. Best of all, this technique is relatively affordable, and intuitive to learn: you simply have to correctly identify the tense, knotted or painful area, and place a patch over it. Magnetic patches are especially useful for pain and inflammation relief, and release tense muscles.

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Magnetotherapy can also complement traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments; magnets have a strong effect on points on the meridian. Patients interested in these techniques should not attempt to treat themselves, but consult a qualified practitioner.   Patients interested in this therapy should be warned that magnets are powerful tools, and can disrupt pacemakers or other electronics when placed at close range. They are also not recommended for use on pregnant patients, or on tumours.

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