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Laser acupuncture uses infrared technology to complete the same effect that acupuncture needles normally would. This type of acupuncture is a new form of stimulation, using low-energy laser beams to manipulate one’s acupuncture points.

Is laser acupuncture actually work?

We’ve known for a few decades now that infrared lasers have the power to heal. Photo-biomodulation is a category of healing based around using lasers. They’re used today to successfully accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and to reduce pain.

How laser acupuncture works is not fully understood although we do know a few things. It does appear to change how local tissues respond to cortisol steroid hormones. Lasers also stimulate regeneration of damaged cells by increasing connective tissue activity. Low lever laser acupuncture can be focused on both problem sites and on classic meridian-type acupoints. It’s suspected needles and lasers work a little differently when it comes to acupuncture.

A lot of recent research has focused on the different colors of laser light and their impact. For example, green is quickly absorbed by surface tissues like skin and blood. Comparatively, with infrared lasers, these tend to penetrate more deeply into the tissue into areas such as ligaments and tendons.

When deciding between laser acupuncture or acupuncture needles in Canada, a common question asked is whether lasers are safe. Low level lasers used in acupuncture are unlike high energy medical devices used to cauterize wounds, remove tattoos, and complete other tasks. Low level lasers deliver just enough energy to create a bio-stimulatory effect. Tissue will never become heated and these sort of medical devices are heavily regulated by the government. They’re perfectly safe.

So why would a person choose to use laser acupuncture – well, if you’re sensitive to needles, this is an alternative. Laser acupuncture is safe, pain-free, and will generate the kind of healing response you want. If you have a needle phobia but have really wanted to try acupuncture, a laser can get you around that. You’re still treating the imbalances in the system and doing so without needle insertion. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Studies on laser acupuncture are few and far between, although some have been published. There’s evidence suggesting laser acupuncture can help with migraines and headaches, particularly in children. This is far from the only condition that has been studied with laser acupuncture.

There’s also documented evidence to suggest it can help with nausea, neck pain, improving embryo transfers in ART, tennis elbow, TMJ, and carpal tunnel syndrome. This isn’t a complete list of everything laser acupuncture can do but it does give some insight into how impressively diverse it is as a treatment. If you’re searching out acupuncture supplies as a practitioner, you may want to give some thought to laser acupuncture.

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