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What is TDP Lamp/Acupuncture Heat Lamp? How it works with TCM therapy?

TDP lamp, or so called Acupuncture heat lamp, is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy now. It is best known for pain management as well as chronic disease. Therefore, even the use of TDP lamp is relatively new, many physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors as well as other healthcare professionals like to use it. But... what is a TDP lamp?

What is the TDP Lamp/Acupuncture Heat Lamp?

The TDP lamp is a specific electromagnetic lamp which is heated by infrared light and produces therapeutic rays to increase microcirculation. It is a clinical alternative and a substitution to moxibustion. People also call it acupuncture heat lamp because it is most commonly used during acupuncture sessions. According to TCM, the heat can strengthen patient's energy and dispel cold and stagnation which might cause pain. Therefore, the practitioners always use a TDP lamp in acupuncture to keep patient warm, comfortable, and assist acupuncture. 

Origins of the TDP Lamp

The origin invention of TDP lamp was believed to develop in 1978. The science researchers were conducting the studies of mine works in rural area, and they were astonished by the facts that in spite of working in the extreme heat and cold condition, the workers are still able to remain healthy. As they searched deeper the cause, they found out that the hot clay that they were working with. It emitted a far-infrared radiation, which is proven to be beneficial to the workers; hence, the inventor Gou Wenbin, used the concept and developed the first TDP lamp. 

How the TDP Lamp works

The concept of how TDP lamp work is by using the heat: heat up the lamp at high temperature, and then the lamp will produce radiation as well as electromagnetic wave. Since the center of the lamp carry the minerals, it will become ionized and be carried into human below the 3 ½ inches below the surface under the skin. It is believed that such heat therapy can stimulate the healing and metabolism process  of your body.

The TDP lamp can also assist to solve when you are suffering fro anxiety, illness, injuries as well as fatigue. It works by implementing the channel of heatwave, which resembles the crystal healing. That is why people often called the TDP lamp the miracle magic lamp. It has the best way to transfer the essential minerals that your body will be required through heating it up. Consequently, it will improve your health as well as wellness.

How to use the TDP Lamp? 

Using the TDP lamp can be quite simple, everything that you need to do is to lie under the distance between 12-16 inches around the heat direction affected are. You will be able to receive a warm relaxing sensation. The duration of the treatment depend on the sickness that the patient has. Generally, it is recommended to do it between 5-30 mins once a day.

What are the benefits of using the TDP Lamp?

  • Ease with Chronic pain
  • Stimulate hypothalamus that produces neurochemical that turn the patients to sleep better
  • Relieve inflammation and discomfort from arthritis, paralysis, joint pain, shoulder pain as well as lower back pain.
  • Assist with cold, flu or even pneumonia
  • Speeds the healing of injuries, sores and diabetic ulcers
  • Boost immunity

Overall, the TDP lamp is a new clinical alternative tool. It is easy to use but beneficial. You can relieve chronic pain, speed the healing of injuries, and boost immunity by using the TDP lamp. 


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