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Choosing sunscreen online can be an uneasy task due to its massive varieties and brands over the internet, having a good sun protecting skincare are becoming more and more important because of the harsh summer, especially when the ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be extremely dangerous which can cause severe damage to the skin.

What kind of sunscreen should I pick?

Scientific speaking, the sunlight generate infra-red and ultraviolet light as well as the visible light. The infrared is the light that we can feel, the visit light is the light that we can perceive by eyes, the ultraviolet light, which is the most main skincare topic and essential when choosing the sunscreen because such light will be able to penetrate your skin.

Key important factors as follow:

1. It is important to avoid overexposure your body under UVB because it might lead to skin cancers, however, it is also important to know that our skin will generate vitamin D from a small amount of UVB.

2. UVA will penetrate your skin and might increase the speed of skin aging and wrinkles because the light will break down the collagen under the surface of your body.

Because of the above reasons, it is strongly to have sun protection every time before going to place like beach, park and outdoor activities with direct sun exposure. Generally, sunscreen does not prevent sun protection, it is always recommended to combine both the sun-blocking cloth, sunscreen as well as other tools to have full safety measures during the peak sunshine hours.

What kind of sunscreen should I pick?

The function of sunscreen products is to protect the skin by blocking the harmful UVL, in order to choose the desired products that work for you, you will first need to know in which purpose and what activities that you are doing under the sun to know in which sun protective capabilities that you will need for each, generally, the product will have all the classification, purposes as well as the ingredient label in the packaging.


One of the key indicator SPF, which stands for sun protection factors, which implies how much longer our body will be able to exposure under UVB, for example, it will require approximately 10 min to completely burn without sunscreen and 150 minutes burn the sunscreen, so changing by the value, it will be listed as 150/ 10, this is basically how the number works. In order to pick the products, it is always good to know in term of choosing the sunscreen, the higher the SPF, the better.

To be more specific, some people will require even more, such as preventive to skin damage, then it is always good to choose a sunscreen that also protects UVA radiation, you can find this labeled under the statement of broad-spectrum, always remember to choose the sunscreen that protects across the full UVA range, ingredient such as metal oxides, zinc oxide, titanium oxides, avobenzone or bemotriznol, such compounds are common elements.

What sunscreen can my skin can handle

It is very important to select the sunscreen to depend on the sensitivity of your skin, every characteristic such as burning speed, dryness, oiliness are all important factors, without even mentioning your current medical history or even cancer history, you will have to take all of these into consideration. The general rules as follow:

  • If you have dark pigment skin nor do your skin suffer from photosensitivity, most of the time you do not even need to use sunscreen
  • If you have skin that burns easily, then a higher- SPF board spectrum sunscreen will be highly recommended, mostly are SPF 50+
  • If your skin that tans readily, a middle-level such SPF 15+ will be recommended to you

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