Do facial rollers work?

Crystal facial rollers are plastered across Instagram feeds, hang on racks in retailers, are written about in blogs and magazines, and sit on bathroom counters all over the country. Coming crashing into what’s trendy in 2019, for Black Friday, we’re discounting our jade facial rollers Canada-wide. Grab your favourite colour and get to rolling!


Crystal facial rollers are a part of the ‘natural’ beauty trend, spurred by celebrities like Alicia Keys. Facial rollers are a Hollywood go-to for so many women, even going so far as being used in restaurants and in public with no shame. Although originally a form of traditional Eastern-influenced therapy, these little rollers do a surprising amount. 

 Rose Quartz Facial Roller - Thera Crystals™

Regular application of facial rollers will have you surprised with how different one looks after. Reduce the appearance of ageing, lift those eyebrows, reduce under-eye puffiness, drain the lymphatic system and increase circulation across your face, and tackle hyperpigmentation. Correctly applied, these tools are stimulating all of the facial skin and underlying structures. It’s almost like a workout and a relaxing massage wrapped in one.


Searching for Black Friday deals, you may not initially think a crystal facial roller. But heck, spend a little on you! Devices and electronics are the go-to on Black Friday but while you’re browsing tech, you can’t forget about you. Here’s your chance to save a few bucks on something which can be used to improve skin quality, blood flow, fine lines, wrinkles, textures, and tone. It’s dermatologist and aesthetician recommended!


Facial rollers in Canada are available in the dozens by Once you have your roller in hand, there’s no shortage of tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere. Skin-care experts online demonstrate perfect technique according to the problems you’re looking to tackle. Using’s top quality brands, enjoy safe application with no risk. It’s literally one of the best no-chemical treatments there is.

 Thera Crystals™ Amethyst Facial Roller

Even doubters who begin on a regimen with their facial roller will notice in a month the appearance of healthier skin, more glowing, a evener skin tone, and more pronounced features even. This Black Friday sale isn’t going to last. It’s here now so take the opportunity to purchase a little for yourself.


A facial roller feels amazing on the skin, looks great in your purse, and has been applied to the faces of some of the most beautiful women in world history. Once an Asian beauty secret, it’s mainstream Instagram/Hollywood-famous now. Like a little stone rolling pin, this is your gateway to more vibrant looking skin. A gentle massage with one of these will instantly boost circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface. So helpful! Get yours this Black Friday from 

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