The Most Handy Black Friday Deal for Kitchen – the Silicone Sponge Brush!

We’re creatures of habit in the kitchen, even the more exemplary chefs out there are. When cleaning a kitchen, there’s no creativity. We do the same thing again and again, and hey, it works. But, what if we could shave off some time and effort – sounds pretty good. What if we could eliminate some cost and make cleaning dishes more eco-friendly – even better!


Black Friday this November is an opportunity to replenish our homes with affordably priced supplies. Last year’s deals have focused so much on tech and electronics that outside of our entertainment and living rooms, we forget about the other rooms of the house. Here’s an opportunity to up your kitchen-cleaning skills.


A silicone-manufactured antibacterial dishwashing scrubber sponge brush is made from food-grade silicone. The sponge is flexible and squishy, allowing you to wash dishes, scrub pots, and clean vegetables and fruits. When needed, they can also double as coasters and heat resistant gloves.The Most Handy Black Friday Deal for Kitchen – the Silicone Sponge Brush!


Have you struggled to get rid of stains on your dishes – a silicone dishwashing sponge can help. Double-sided, you can choose to go gentle or more intense depending on what you want to tackle.


A traditional sponge takes in grease and breeds bacteria. Over time, a sponge or rag gets increasingly disgusting and you end up moving your sponge’s bacteria all across otherwise clean dishes. The result, of course, are dishes which aren’t clean. A silicone brush or sponge is superior because no bacteria or grease is carried over. It all washes away.


Being heat resistant, you can even throw in your silicone brush into the dishwasher, microwave, boiling water or in the sink. It’s easily cleaned and the silicone will never grow dirty. This sponge remains clean, no matter what. You won’t need to buy another sponge or scrubber again. Scratches on pans won’t happen again either. You’re safe in cleaning your kitchen with this silicone sponge.

Black Friday deals in Canada are a plenty this season but if history teaches us anything, it’s that the kitchen will once again be forgotten about. Don’t let this be the case. Shop Canada’s own and grab your silicone sponge brush and more. There’s no match for this sponge. Exceeding anything that could be put up against it, you’ll love having it in the home.


We’ve got plenty of handy Black Friday deals at, delivering larger sales and with high stock. If you need to toss in some essential oils, incense, facial cleansers, or similar self-care products for yourself, do it up. This is your chance to back up supplies in your house and to hopefully save a few bucks in the process. Drop-in on Lierre any time between now and Black Friday.

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