Still Shopping Your Black Friday Deals from Amazon – New Health and Wellness Suggestions!

Black Friday puts Canada’s biggest retailers against one another, all chasing the dollar. From a consumer’s perspective, there’s a lot of deals to keep track of. Naturally, most of us go to Black Friday Amazon deals where you will find a lot of cuts on tech and electronics among other products. But, what about health and wellness – that’s when you shop is one of Canada’s top health and wellness shops, assisting Canadians in finding exclusives on things like essential oils, acupuncture supplies, cupping sets, and more. To prepare for the big day, why not drop in early and bookmark the health and wellness Black Friday deals you want – check it out! These are just some of the products we recommend.


Konjac sponge


Konjac sponge is an all-natural, 100% natural fiber-made face wash tool. Konjac sponges are gentle exfoliators that you’re able to use with or without any sort of cleansing product and it behaves in exfoliating without the intervention of any chemical. Protect your face.

 Konjac Sponge 100% Natural fibers


Organic beauty essential oils


Some of the best Black Friday deals in Canada within the health and wellness space will come on essential oils. Browse all-pure, organic oils like lavender, tea tree, lemon, frankincense, rosehip, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Comparing the biggest retailers, instead of shopping Amazon, Target, or elsewhere, invest in yourself with some quality self-care products.


Silicone cupping set


Give your face a massage through a set of small silicone cups in an inexpensive set you can strategically place across the face. Facial cupping is on the rise in Canada and trending on Instagram. You won’t see these on Black Friday Amazon sale. The only place to find them in Canada’s coming from

 Jade Soft® Silicone Cupping Set 4 cups

Premium Japanese incense


Incense creates atmosphere. If you want to strike a certain mood, turn on the relaxation for a loved one, or simply de-stress after work, incense is not just a hippie’s delight. It’s a genuine wellness product that, like essential oils, puts a little more magic in the air than what one finds without it.


Silicone brush


Silicone brushes are a wonderful tool to have in your self-care kit, to help with the quick and easy removal of makeup, to help with facial cleansing, and all without the assistance of chemicals. Lierre Black Friday 2019 has sales on big-price items as well as discounts on smaller, more affordable products that you can keep in your bag or your washroom cabinet for when you’ve got to have it.


When all the top brands face off for Black Friday, don’t forget to treat yourself. Shop, Canada’s best health and wellness source today, and bookmark your favourites as the big day approaches!

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