Save Up to 40 Percent Off on Massage Tables During Black Friday

Massage therapists and massage clinics need supplies to work. Some need to be replenished seemingly every day, like oils. Then, there are others that are going to hang around and act as a representation of your clinic. The latter includes massage tables.


What does a massage table say about your clinic or massage therapy practice?

– well, it can communicate a lot. It’s about aesthetic, quality, convenience, and service. From a customer perspective, of course, we want it to be comfortable. From the perspective of a professional massage therapist giving the service, you want it to be easy to workaround.

 Save Up to 40 Percent Off on Massage Tables During Black Friday

Massage tables on Black Friday sale is an easy choice to make, for first-time clinics or those experienced looking to replace old, broken equipment. Massage tables aren’t all we have at Canada’s own You can pretty much stock up your clinic from top to bottom with medical clinic supplies. Across the country, we provide supplies to physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, cupping practitioners, and yes, massage therapists.


For one weekend only, you can save up to 40% off and more on massage tables and related accessories. Using a table like this, it’s easy to set up and tear-down for when you need it to be mobile. It’s easy to work around when you have to get into those tougher-to-reach areas on a client’s body. Also, don’t expect any complaints from the client because these tables are extremely comfortable.


Black Friday deals aren’t built like this and they’re not going to last. is Canada’s top source of health and wellness products for medical professionals, and medical supplies for healthcare offices. We make ordering and re-ordering product easy. In the past year alone, we have already helped 100s of offices and practitioners of various modalities here in Canada procure high-quality supplies at a fraction of the cost they may pay in other storefronts.

 Lierre Plus 2014 28” Portable Massage Table

No need to wait either as a lot of the deals on Lierre Black Friday have already begun. We have massage tables, ready to ship. Put in your order today and within a few short weeks, we’ll ensure you have what you need to set up for your next client. Ready or not, this is the time to buy. With the first Black Friday deals released, the holiday shopping season has officially commenced!


Some of the other Lierre products on Black Friday sale includes general medical supplies, acupuncture needles, massage guns, hyaluronic acid serums, and essential oils. Save money on massage tables and more. If you’re looking to buy a massage table within the next year, ask yourself, what are you waiting for – pick it up now. Save big bucks!

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