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Boxing day sales at is probably the biggest sale of the year after the black Friday sale. You can shop late your Christmas gifts and save money with amazing deals online and in store. If you are thinking of buying yourself things you miss at home, for your friends or your new year resolutions, you should definitely read this article. 

Crystal Elixir Water Bottle - In Store

You promised yourself to drink more water in 2020? This crystal elixir water bottle is for you! These trendy crystal water bottle will purify your water and combine the healing power of crystal to make you feel your right self. The bottles are perfect for crystal healing during your yoga sessions, work, gym, and a daily life essential. In fact, crystals will help in many ways depending on each stones, it can affect you differently. We offer some crystals for the water bottle such as Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and Black Obsidian. During our 2019 Boxing Day sale, the crystal elixir water bottle will be 40% off. 

Electric Massage Hammer - In Store

The electric massage hammer is a new innovation that is created to relax your muscle tension rapidly and help theses all over the body. The electric device creates strong movement and stimulation, which can help to reduce your cellulite and to promote the better blood flow and circulation. The hammer comes with different massage heads that will bring various massage experience. Furthermore, the speed is adjustable to increase the comfort of your massage. Finally, the device is cordless, which mean it is easily portable and convenient to use almost everywhere. The 2019 boxing day deals of this product is 40% off. 

Makeup Brush Cleaner Glove - Online and In Store

 This innovative silicone makeup brush cleaner glove is really practical and easy to use. This brush cleaner will save you time and money as it is durable and easily washed. It is available in three different colors: Purple, Fuschia, and Turquoise. The glove is designed with seven different screw thread to rinse, wash and refine your brushes. The textures included are wavy, groovy, cross hatched, small nubs, heart shaped, maze design, and big small lines areas. The difference of the texture allow you to wash both your eye brushes and your bigger facial brushes. This medical grade silicone glove will avoid both cross-contamination and bacterial build up in your favorite brushes. During boxing day sale at Lierre, this silicone brush cleaner will be 80% off. 

Foot Massage Roller - Online and In Store

 The foot massage roller tool for plantar fasciitis pain has wheels and soft rubber body. It is good for managing pain, relieving tired feet, and massaging stress away. It can also be used on your arms and wrists to relieve muscular tensions and carpal tunnel syndrome. This practical device is so easy to use and is convenient because it is portable. Relieve your soreness and pains with the nubs that provide a very soothing pressure while the wheels roll to give a full coverage massage. During our boxing day deals at, this foot massage roller will be 50% off. 

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