What Can Facial Cupping Benefits Do For You and Which Type of Cupping Should You Choose

Estheticians and skincare experts are coming to recognize the benefits of facial cupping. With more than 3,000 years of use behind it, facial cupping is a treatment method using suction cups on your skin to gently lift tissue and increase circulation. This cupping method is often used in conjunction with acupuncture and sometimes massage.

In many patients, cupping has been shown to improve skin complexion and treat different ailments. In fact, dermatologists in Turkey and Egypt both have used cupping therapy to help remedy hives, welts, and acne. If you are unsure of what facial cupping can do for you, think of it like a massage. What you’re doing is smoothing out any stagnancy in the facial area. If there’s toxins, stagnant blood, or soreness, cupping eliminates all this in favor of bringing in new circulation, heavy in nutrients and oxygen. 

Silicone Facial Cup

One term you might hear used with facial cupping is lymphatic drainage. This refers to lymph, which is a fluid existing throughout your body meant to reduce puffiness and swelling. When a body’s properly draining lymph, it’s carrying away white blood cells, bacteria, and toxins. Sometimes, our bodies don’t exactly work like we hope them to however and in turn, the lymphatic system can drag. Cupping inspires lymph drainage, promoting fluid movement.

When you buy silicone cupping for your facial muscles, how to use them is with an oil or cleanser. This is to help with moving them around across regions of the face. If you’ve had a massage on your face before, cupping produces a lot of these same effects. Although you can do cupping on dry skin and keeping them stationary, for the face, the best results are achieved with movement.

Another great thing about cupping is that, unlike other riskier facial rejuvenation treatments, it’s free from any negatives. It’s safe, non-invasive, and effective. You can help your skin maximize its look with improved elasticity, an increase in collage, and overall healthier skin. For many, they have found tremendous benefit from using facial cupping sets. That said, others haven’t seen similar results. This is comparative to other treatments. Our recommendation is to try it, stick with your treatment plan, and see if the results you receive are what’s expected.

What does cupping do to your face?
When it comes to how to choose facial cupping, silicone’s the best material to use by far. You’ll want high quality, medical grade silicone as well. You will also want to verify what you’re buying is alright for all skin types and sensitive skin, and that you have some different sized cups to use according to where you want to place them on the face. Browse facial cupping kits and individual cups from Lierre.ca today.
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