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Cupping has proven to be the ultimate back pain relief for some Canadians and we believe it could work for you. Cupping works by using a massage therapy approach. In a massage, one presses down on the body. In cupping, it’s just the opposite – there’s suction. It can be scary to think about your skin and muscles being essentially vacuumed, we admit. For people with chronic upper and lower back pain, the results speaks for themselves. Suction lifts the muscle up and as it does, a muscle which has been contracted is released and relaxed. As this happens, the blood in this part of the body rushes out and new blood comes rushing in. All of this helps to heal your muscles and release the toxicity build-up which is very common among people with chronic back pain. If your organs are not functioning properly, toxicity levels in the body may be at a higher rate than average. Cupping or alternative treatments are required to get this toxicity released. Techniques can vary relating to cupping for back pain. Cups can be left in a single location, for up to 20 minutes. They can also be moved around with the hands to perform movements. Traditional cupping applies cups on meridian points in the body to help move energy through one’s body and open up what are believed to be natural healing pathways. Traditional Chinese medicine believes the body is filled with these pathways of ying and yang. When they get blocked up, that can have serious consequences on how we feel and how our muscles feel. Although these energy pathways are believed by only some, there are benefits of cupping that are confirmed through academic research, including:  
  • When a vacuum is used, it draws blood flow into the issue and expands the blood vessels allowing deep inflammation to be relieved.
  • As suction is applied, adhesions are released. Adhesions can block drainage, create congestion, and affect vascular stress in an problematic area.
  • Fascia is separated when tissue is stretched in multiple directions by cupping. Separation of the strands and structures of fascia creates space for it to move properly.
  • Muscle tissue. If one could get an inside look at what happens when cupping treatment is applied to the back, they would see the muscle tissue softening, getting plump with hydration, and blow flow palpitating.
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