Numbers are up. Google searches for ‘cupping therapy’ are at a record high. Cupping’s discussed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with regularity. More alternative medicine treatment centers and clinics are offering cupping, and more Canadians than ever appear to have interest in trying it. Why is cupping therapy so popular – well, as the saying goes, results say something.

Cupping therapy, like acupuncture, is an ancient Chinese treatment. Although acupuncture’s caught on, cupping in Canada has not been given the same attention – until now. People are interested in cupping because they want to know more about it. After all, if it can help cure someone’s discomfort, pain, or tough-to-manage symptoms of an incurable condition, wouldn’t you want wish to learn more?

Where to buy cupping supplies in Canada
Where to buy cupping supplies in Canada

There’s a lot of claims made around cupping therapy in Canada and unfortunately, not all of them are true. Cupping is no miracle cure, no cure-all, and won’t instantly fix all your pain or problems. That said, there’s enough scientific merit to cupping that – although it’s still being studied – it has been shown to be effective for a number of conditions. Cupping’s been proven to help reduce pain particularly in the lower back and along the spine, it helps to sedate overactive nervous systems, improves digestion, can help with colds and flus, is used to have a healthier skin complexion, and even provides energy in some patients.

Beyond questions about how effective cupping is at treating certain conditions, a purpose of cupping education in Canada is to clear up misconceptions. For example, cupping’s associated with purple marks. What are those cupping marks? Are they bruises? Is cupping safe? Is there a significant risk to cupping? These are all questions that Canadians routinely search online for. Another area of strong search popularity is also in hearing about other peoples’ experiences cupping. After all, this isn’t something a lot of people do. If the thought of sticking acupuncture needles into your back like a pin cushion sounds bizarre, suctioning up the skin is even weirder.

Thankfully, a lot of misconceptions are being cleared up, people are getting educated on the therapy, and more people are actually going out and finding certified cupping practitioners providing the service. If it works, who is anyone to judge? Athletes are using cupping to heal injuries. Chronic pain patients are using it to increase blood circulation and as an alternative to deep tissue massage. The treatment’s recognized in Canada and all over the world as an alternative therapy which falls under the same category of acupuncture.

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