Divine Essence Geranium Rose Organic Essential Oil

Rose geraniums are a type of flower from which were developed several hybrids and cultivars, prized for their pleasant scents. This essential oil has a scent reminiscent of rose, and it is used in aromatherapy to help relieve premenstrual tension and menstrual symptoms as well as colds and coughs.

Lierre offers only the finest quality of organic, fair trade essential oils from the Divine Essence lines. Our Divine Essence organic essential oils are selected for their therapeutic qualities as well as their outstanding scents, and we aim to accommodate massotherapists and aromatherapy enthusiasts.

By using with aromatherapy ultrasonic disffuser, this organic essential oil creates you a peace and tranquility after a long and hard days.  

Divine Essence is the manufacturer in Quebec, except high end essential oils, they recently bring us a Désinfectant pour les mains-Ravintsara which is made with in 70% ethyl alcohol and 15 essential oils, which are really appropriated during the hard days in Covid-19 pandemic. 

More information about aromatherapy, esssential oils and essential oil diffuser please follow our blog post at https://www.discoverhealth.ca/

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