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People come to essential oils for many reasons, including to cure their anxiety. Essential oils certainly have a role in treating anxiety but not just any oil will do. If you’ve never used essential oils before, they’re scented liquids derived from plants, flowers, or fruits. Used in aromatherapy, they have a lot of research and support in treating anxiety and initiating the body’s natural relaxation processes. If you’re looking to try essential oils for anxiety, here are some of the recommended treatments.


Lemon, as an essential oil derived from lemon rind or leaves, helps to relieve anxiety in some people. Unfortunately, continuous exposure to lemon has also been found to have the opposite effect in some. Therefore, lemon essential oils should only be used in lower doses and/or for short periods of time. Any citrus essential oils also increase sensitivity to sunlight which is worth keeping in mind.

Clary sage

Clary sage is from a medicine herb and has been successfully studied and associated with individuals suffering from anxiety. In some cases, clary sage has been found to be more apt at relieving anxiety than lavender and almond essential oils – two very powerful anti-anxiety aromatherapy go-tos.


Rose aromatherapy, derived from the flowers of rose plants, has been found to relieve anxiety in some. Rose is one of the most controversial essential oils included on this list as it is one of the essential oils less studied on the subject of anxiety. Even so, some may appreciate the smell and seek to use it combined with other oils in a rotation to help treat the condition.


Neroli is a type of orange blossom essential oil coming from the orange tree, extracted from its blossoms. The scent is noticeably citrusy and sweet. Some anxiety sufferers like to use neroli aromatherapy to not only treat their anxiety but also as an insomnia treatment.


Chamomile is one of the most commonly used essential oils for anxiety. Chamomile is manufactured through extracting from a flower, using steam distillation to get this done. The use of chamomile oil is supported by several organizations, including the National Cancer Institute, which found chamomile helped to decrease anxiety and other symptoms.


As mentioned, lavender is an aromatherapy favorite in treating anxiety. Coming from a purple flowering plant, lavender also purports to have anti-inflammatory properties. Although aromatherapy’s place in treating anxiety is still under review and study, lavender is always a recommended scent and oil given to patients suffering from anxiety, proven to help in situations ranging from patients awaiting surgery to those undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Bergamot orange

Bergamot orange is an essential oil derived from the citrus bergamia tree. Studies published outline how bergamot orange has anxiety-reducing effects. A 2013 study in particular demonstrated a combination of water vapour and aromatherapy with bergamot orange helped relieve anxiety in patients awaiting minor surgery. Browse these essential oils and others at Receive only the highest quality essential oils from one of Canada’s most premium suppliers. Visit today for more information on aromatherapy and essential oils.  
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