4 Workout Essentials for At-Home Workout Plans

So many benefits to working out at home has meant more Canadians than ever giving up their gym memberships. You don’t have to leave your home. You can work out on your schedule. You don’t even need that much space. 

In fact, with enough space for an average-sized yoga mat, you can do hours of high-quality fitness at your leisure. Working out at home only takes a few pieces of equipment and fortunately, they’re not very expensive.

Resistance Bands Set

A set of resistance bands. More than anything, ensure you have these. We don’t have the advantage of heavy weights at home. Instead, you’re going to use your body weight. A set of portable resistance bands will challenge your lower and upper body, and even your core. Resistance bands add extra resistance to your fitness regimen and are well worth the small investment.

Lierre Flat Resistance Band Loop (Latex)


Booty Bands, aka Hip Bands

Squats, hip thrusts, lunges, pulses, and other lower body exercises get amplified when one’s wearing a booty band. Activate muscle fibres you wouldn’t normally activate with only body weight or dumbbells. Booty bands, aka hip bands, can help make your muscles stronger. Even better, you only need one. Add these to your regular resistance band routine.

Lierre Resistance Bands Set (3 sizes)


Fitness Foam Roller

Just like with a gym routine, it’s imperative with at-home workouts that you get your rest in. Recovery is important in building muscle. We stress them, we break the muscle fibres, and relaxation and rest is what re-builds those muscles bigger and stronger. A fitness foam roller on a sore muscle is an ideal way to work out some of that tension. All you have to do is press and roll.

Fitness Foam Roller


Massage Gun

Take recovery to the next level with the Booster Mini Pocket Massage Gun. For sore muscles, a massage gun presses in and delivers a series of gentle strikes that helps to break up the tension, increases circulation, and initiates the healing process. If you want to be ready and excited for your next workout but you’re walking in day-in and day-out still sore from prior sessions, try a massage gun. It works.


Booster Mini Pocket Massage Gun



How Will You Work Out this Fall?

Whether we are under lockdown this fall or not, there’s no questioning the safest way to get in exercise is to do it at home and away from public fitness facilities such as gyms which are high-risk environments.

By investing in a private gym at home, you not only give yourself a way to keep working out through any sort of shutdown like what we experienced in the spring but you make exercising simple.

A fun, consistent routine is what every Canadian should have when it comes to their physical health. From resistance bands and booty bands to foam rollers and massage guns, find accessories for home gyms and more at Lierre.ca. Inspire yourself! Customize your space for an effective workout, even if all the area you have is enough for a yoga mat.

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