5 Key Differences Between Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Sanitizers and disinfectants are not the same thing. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers misuse cleaners like these.

It’s important to recognize the differences between sanitizers and disinfectants. Both cleaning products are made for specific use.


What Does A Sanitizer Do?

A sanitizer sanitizes. In short, this means a sanitizer wipes away bacteria on the surface it’s being used on. It does not kill bacteria.


What Does A Disinfectant Do?

A disinfectant is a stronger cleaner than a sanitizer. It kills microorganisms, including bacteria. Disinfectants don’t just remove bacteria. It decimates them. Disinfectants are effective against COVID-19 and non-alcohol based sanitizers are not.


Difference 1 – They’re Regulated Differently

Sanitizers and disinfectants are both regulated in North America. They go through different processing and must adhere to a different criteria.


Difference 2 – They Tackle Different Germs

Sanitizers and disinfectants attack different germs. Sanitizers are mainly bacteria-driven. Disinfectants cast a wider net and will kill all sorts of things, such as viruses, moldew, mold, and fungi. Please note that there does not exist any sanitizer or disinfectant that will kill ALL bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms.


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Difference 3 – They Take Time to Work

The time it takes for a cleaner to work varies. A lot of sanitizers work quickly. They don’t have a significant job to do and so can work in seconds. Some disinfectants have to be left on surfaces for 5 minutes before being wiped away. It should say on a product label what’s required for a product to work.


Difference 4 – Disinfectants Are Not Food-Friendly

Disinfectants are typically avoided in food environments. They are chemical-based and aren’t meant to be ingested. Fortunately, food-safe sanitizers exist and are designated for environments like restaurants and cafeterias.


Difference 5 – Disinfectants Are Less Eco-Friendly

Though not a definitive rule here but for the most part, disinfectants are less eco-friendly. Disinfectants have to be stronger to work. This means more chemicals and ultimately more care in handling them. This is why we often use gloves and PPE when using disinfectants, and why they’re best applied in well-ventilated areas.


Medical Disinfectants v. Sanitizers

In medical settings, you need your cleaning products to work. Sanitizers are rarely enough.

Medical disinfectants are industrial-grade and guaranteed to kill viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms.

When patients are counting on you to maintain a clean healthcare setting, this type of disinfectants are needed.

For high-quality medical disinfectants and other healthcare cleaning products, visit Lierre.ca. Remove microorganisms with the right type of cleaner for your setting. COVID-19 is no match for disinfectants. Simple and straightforward, kill germs and get them out!


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