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Zu San Li (St36) is famous known as an acupuncture point to solve hundreds of illnesses. And it is very commonly known by not only professions but also some patients.  However, the “sister” of Zu San Li—Shou San Li is not as famous as Zu San Li. I call them “sisters” because their Chinese name are very similar to each other which are  足三里 (St 36) and 手三里 (Li 10). Both of them end with 三里 (pinyin: San Li). It is not known by many people except the professional therapists. In other words, it is not very famous. The location and function of it are usually introduced briefly in many documents. But it is a very effective point for many problems.
  1. Knee pains, including pains caused by arthritis, synovitis, especially for anterolateral knee pains.
  2. Back pains, mainly for the psoas pains, but also effective for lumbar pains.
  3. Forehead jaw joint pains.
  4. Ear pains, including otitis media pain.
  5. Shoulder pains and neck tightness

Shou San Li (Li 10) is located on the outer surface of the forearm and three fingers breadth below the elbow crease when the elbow is bent 90 degrees.

acupuncture needles 

You can use 2 cun acupuncture needles to insert into the point for about 1 cun depth. And then simulate the points for a while. Usually, patients will have a feeling of distension. And it is very effective for the symptoms I mentioned before. You can massage Shou San Li everyday to keep healthy and release tension on your neck, shoulder and back. But if you have the problems I mentioned above, it is better for you to go for a therapist such as acupuncturist. Acupuncturists would use acupuncture needles to accelerate the healing process. You do not have to worry about acupuncture needles, high quality needles are very sharp while smooth. These two characteristics indicate that you will not feel any pains during acupuncture needle insertion. You can find all acupuncture accessories at If you are suffering from all the problems I mentioned above, you could always find an acupuncturist to help with these problems. It is important to find a reliable acupuncturist to help you. I recommend It has good environment while the acupuncturist is professional and friendly. About the author: Xiao Lei Wang is a professional TCM therapist with Quebec registered acupuncturist licence. He focuses on helping patients with Traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping therapies. You can find more about him on his own acupuncture clinic website. You could also book an appointment on the website.

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