Have You Ever Tried A Resistance Bands Workout – Here’s Why You Should

Do Resistance Bands Work?

Resistance bands get a lot of acclaim. They’re cheap to buy. They’re portable. They’re easy to add to any workout routine.

There are a lot of benefits to resistance bands and yet so many people in fitness still push back against their use and stick to heavy weights, bad form, and potentially damaging exercise routines.

If you look on any social media platform, from TikTok to Instagram, posts about resistance bands aren’t hard to find. They are very popular. Made from synthetic fibers, resistance bands loop around an arm, leg, or can be gripped, and they add tension to your workout. Movement becomes more difficult. You engage more muscle. This is where resistance bands thrive.

A set of resistance bands have adjustable intensity levels. Assuming you’re using the right resistance, of course, movements are going to be harder to perform. All exercises work from resistance. It’s that resistance that builds strength and therefore increases metabolism.

Do resistance bands work – absolutely. We saw that in the pandemic as more people shifted to exercising from home. You don’t need an expensive set of heavy weights to work out. With resistance band exercises, you can work out at home or really anywhere.

What Can You Do With Resistance Bands?

With bands, you can curl, squat, press, pull, and more. Every muscle group in the body can be worked on. Also, we know through research, the gains you make through resistance band workouts are similar to the benefits you get from using heavy weights and weight machines.

An added bonus with resistance bands are what they do to the body’s stabilizer muscles. If it’s free weights or a weight machine, the stabilizer muscles don’t need to work so hard because everything’s already stable. Resistance bands require the user to control the movement, supporting large muscles and joints in a more careful and stronger manner. By doing this, the likelihood of injury decreases.

For all these reasons, resistance bands are great for everyday workouts as well as beginners, people rehabilitating injuries, if you’re a senior and free weights aren’t practical and/or anyone who can’t get to their usual gym.

Where Can You Buy Resistance Bands in Canada?

Some of the best resistance bands in Canada are available currently on Black Friday deals at Lierre.ca.

If you’re on the fence about resistance bands or have thought about them in the past and decided not to buy them, there’s a reason you’re thinking about them now. Don’t give up on yourself and your health. Even on the days when you can’t get to the gym, a set of resistance bands at home can offer a great workout that’ll keep you on your path to strong, healthy living.

This month, find the best prices on resistance bands and find how easy it is to build strength on your terms. Shop with Lierre.ca today.


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