How Do You Choose the Best Hula Hoop For Exercise

The right size weighted hula hoop makes or break a hula hoop workout. If you do not know the correct size for you, before you start experimenting with different options, have a quick read through our guide. This how-to article on hula hoops shares a few key pieces of information on hula hoop shape, size, and type.

What Is A Hula Hoop Made Out Of?

What a hula hoop is made out of is important. Most beginner adult hula hoops are polyethylene plastic. This is light and perfect for exercise. There are weighted hula hoops as well though, potentially made from other materials.

What is the Average Size For An Adult Hula Hoop?

An average-sized adult hula hoop is between 38” and 48” in diameter. Most well-known hula hoop brands sell products with these measurements. It is generally not recommended to buy a hoop larger than this.

Hold A Hula Hoop to Your Belly Button

Weighted Hula Hoop

A starting guideline for selecting the right size hula hoop for exercise is to take the hoop and position it vertically on the ground. Ideally, it will reach 3 inches above your belly button. This indicates the hoop is large enough to fit around you comfortably.

Hula Hoop Size For Beginners

If you are just starting out doing hula hoop for fitness, you can create an easier workout by choosing a larger hoop. Some people also find a heavier hoop is helpful in allowing them to learn how to do the motion.

For A Beginner, What is the Best Size Hula Hoop?

If you’re just starting out and haven’t tried hula hoop for cardio before, record your height in inches. Divide this number by two. Then, add a few inches. This is probably where you want to start.

How Size Impacts How Fast A Hula Hoop Spins

The larger the hula hoop, the slower it spins. This is why large is good for beginners. A more challenging workout can be found with a smaller size hula hoop. The smaller it is, the faster your reaction time will need to be to catch it as it comes around.

Are There Different Types of Hula Hoops?

Here is where things can get even more complex. There are different types of hula hoops.

  • A ‘dance hula hoop’ is made for pro-level hula hoopers who want to get into more complicated movements.
  • A ‘resistance hula hoop’ can be used for interval training and is quite a bit larger in size.
  • What a beginner or an adult who just wants something simple is looking for will be an ‘exercise hula hoop’. This is a hula hoop that’s light-to-medium in weight and designed perfectly for low-impact home workouts.

All in all, there is no special formula as to what the perfect hula hoop is for you and if there’s a wrong size. It all comes down to what feels natural to you. Size and weight are what separates most hula hoops. Consider the impact both of these factors have on your choice.

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