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Liquid Moxa, Moxa Spray and Moxa Essence

As some customers are extremely sensitive to smoke, sometimes, smokeless moxa doesn’t quite cut it. Other customers and practitioners have also expressed an interest in a more portable version of moxa that’s suitable for daily self-treatment: moxa essence, spray and liquid moxa were born!


Unlike traditional moxa, liquid moxa or moxa essence typically contains five herbs: Folium Artemisiae (Ai Ye/Chinese mugwort艾叶), Radix Ligustici (Chuan Xiong 川芎), Cortex Eucommiae (Du Zhong杜仲), Cortex Cinnamomi (Rou Gui肉桂) and Radix Achyranthis (Niu Xi牛膝). 100 ml of this product can be used for an impressive 800 sprays, and only two sprays are necessary to create an effect equivalent to one typical stick-on moxa cone. Moxa essence/liquid moxa is a tincture of 25% alcohol, infused with the herbs mentioned above. These ingredients make it smell similar to traditional Chinese herb formulas.

liquid moxa

As regular moxibustion involves heat, to benefit from all of moxa tincture’s full range of therapeutic effects, it’s better to warm the treatment area with a far infrared heat source, such as a heat lamp (TDP Lamp), or, in a pinch, even a hair dryer, which can be pointed at the skin for approximately 20 minutes. You can of course repeat the process two to three times during your treatment.  


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Between all the different types of moxibustion products, there’s a right product for every approach, and every situation. Often, the difficulty in choosing a product doesn’t have to do with the types of product themselves, however, but their differing levels of quality. Determining the difference between a great product and a sub-par one isn’t always intuitive or obvious. We’ve listed a few criteria for you to establish the quality of moxa products once you already have them, but if you – as with an increasing number of practitioners – prefer to shop online, the decision can seem bewildering. Choosing a distributor that takes videos and detailed pictures of their products in action, then, can make a huge difference, since you can still apply the different criteria we’ve established without having to consult the product in person. 


The importance of proper documentation, then, is one of the many reasons why many customers prefer to shop for Lierre smokeless moxa rolls their moxibustion products at Lierre. Our detailed descriptions, videos and photos make shopping a breeze. Lierre supplies loose moxa, smokeless moxa sticks, liquid moxa/moxa essence, as well as all other moxa supplies, such as lion and tiger warmers, moxa split spoons, moxa extinguishers and so on. We supply only the best quality moxibustion products on the market – at the most reasonable prices we can provide. Lierre offers free shipping for orders over $69 to grant customers a more flexible shopping experience. We hope this article will give you some useful information and methods that will help you find the best moxibustion supplies for your practice. Let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to keep in touch! All rights reserved for the Lierre Blog.

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