TDP Head lamp for pain relief therapy from Lierre Canada

Heat therapy is an important aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As one of the traditional heat therapy methods, moxibustion involves the burning of mugwort to facilitate healing, however, the inhalation of smoke can be a problem for some patients or practitioners. TDP lamp can be a substitute of burning Moxa, though not a perfect one. TDP lamps can generate heat that is penetrating and stimulates deep muscle relaxation by increasing circulation, just like moxibustion.

How to effectively use a TDP lamp

When used in treatment, a TDP lamp should be positioned 12-16 inches away from the affected body area for 5 to 40 minutes. Although you cannot see the far infrared lights (since they are above the spectrum of visible lights), you can feel the gentle warmth in the treated area. The treatment period varies with different symptoms.

For superficial discomfort: place the TDP lamp directly on the treated area at a distance of 12-16 inches for 30 minutes a day and the treatment period lasts for 7 days. To prevent and control pain and stiffness, the treatment normally takes 6 to 20 days.

TDP Lamp CQ-29 for heat therapy from Lierre Canada

What are the differences between a TDP lamp and other simple far infrared heating devices?

Compared with other simple far infrared heating devices, TDP lamps have two attributes that make it a unique clinic device: Firstly, the heating plate of the TDP lamp is coated by mineral formulation consisting of 33 different minerals that are found within the human body. When heated, these minerals can be easily absorbed by human body and will produce biological effects and strengthen micro circulation, promote metabolism produce repair, which to our body’s pathological changes and enhance the body’s function of adjustment and immunity.  It has been shown that over a sustained period of time, exposure to TDP lamps promote cell growth and repair, and benefit immune function.

 Besides the minerals on the heating plate, the TDP lamp is also unique for its spectrum of infrared light, which has a wavelength range of 2-25 micrometers. The far infrared lights can stimulate micro circulation and increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues while eliminating toxins.The infrared lights emitted by human body are normally at the wavelength of 12 micrometers, which falls between the ranges of what a TDP lamp emits. 

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