Use this reusable plastic bottles to refill hand sanitizer, save money and our environment!

Have your business expenses increased due to stronger cleaning and sanitization standards relating to COVID-19 – many have. Have you ever considered how to save money when you buy hand sanitizer or liqiuid hand soap? Try to buy hand sanitizer and hand soap in bulk, and use 250ml plastic bottles with pump to refill. That's best way to save your cost and protect environment.

 Plastic Bottle with pump (250ml)

Though it’s all well worth it to prevent virus outbreaks and to keep patients, customers, clients, partners, and visitors protected, the drawback is that it still costs in time, effort, and financial expense.

Wherever costs can be saved, it’s worth it. Most businesses have taken to buying sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and soaps in bulk for this reason.

To be honest, buying in bulk is the best thing one can make to help control costs. These are unavoidable expenses. What you can save in bulk purchasing is money your company can reinvest in itself, in operations, and in paying employees.

At, we’ve stood by our customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve kept medical offices in Canada and healthcare practitioners equipped with supplies, ranging from sanitizers to face masks.

We continue to assist our customers who are buying supplies in bulk with accessories like 250ml plastic bottles with pump, which you can used to refill hand sanitizer. These are easy to refill large volume hand sanitizer to 250ml plastic bottles, one pump come with the bottle; and can be taken with you wherever you go. Purchase a few, and keep one out on a countertop and one on your person or in whatever arrangement you see fit.

This type of plastic bottle is 250ml come with a pump would normally be used for carrying massage oils or treatment-based substances. They can certainly still be used for exactly that or repurposed at a later date. The bottom line for us is in getting products like this out to Canadian offices where COVID-19 supplies are needed most. There’s no need to struggle with a large bulky sanitizer container. This one’s small, convenient, and it works.

Some prefer a pump while others want a twist top. Choose the sanitizer bottle you want. Completely clear of any advertising or marketing, it’s also a chance to wrap your own brand’s name around the bottle if that’s your thing.

Hand sanitizer is very important to us all right now. Arguably equal to wearing a face mask, practicing social distancing and using soap and water as often as we can, sanitizer’s for when we’re on the go or somewhere where we can’t wash our hands. Right now Lierre has 4 liters of BM-1300 hand sanitizer re-stock. Please follow us, we update our new hand sanitizer inventory at any time.

Ensure the sanitizer you buy contains at least 60% alcohol concentration. Anything less is considered ineffective against the coronavirus. Ideally, a sanitizer closer to 70% alcohol is recommended.

We know using hand sanitizers is can be very drying on the hands. This is a common complaint, however, we have Divine essence hand sanitizer-ravintsara and Bleu lavande hand sanitizer; these two types hand sanitizer are made with organic essential oil can prevent drying on hands.  using sanitizer, it very well could save you and others from getting sick. Slow down the spread of the coronavirus through smart practices with a reusable plastic bottle for hand sanitizer ready to use when you need it. Get yours today from

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