What Are the Different Gua Sha Shapes Used For

Gua sha is a type of derma abrasion therapy that uses a variety of tools to scrape the skin, producing a healing response naturally.

Gua sha can be performed almost anywhere on the body, though one needs the right tools. Choose from a number of shapes, each with their unique crystal and design characteristics.

Spoon Gua Sha Tool

The spoon gua sha tool is popular for the control it has and its targeted design. Applicable on palms, soles, neck, and shoulders, a user has the ability to apply just as much pressure as they desire.

Wing Gua Sha Tool

A wing shape, such as the Jade Gua Sha (Wing shape) - Thera Crystals™, is multi-purpose with three sides for scraping. Broad in shape, it can be gripped and maneuvered with ease. On localized parts of the body – such as biceps, triceps, and forearms – it is a great resource.

In terms of facial gua sha, the wing gua sha tool is dented to make its way around the chin and jawline. Please note, not every gua sha tool is usable for the face and body but this shape is.

‘S’ Shaped Gua Sha Tool


The ‘s’ shaped gua sha tool is medium in size and multi-purpose in function. It can be used on hands, feet, lateral regions, back, neck, and shoulders. The ‘s’ shaped tool is not used on the smaller parts of the body or the face.

Fish-Shaped Gua Sha Tool

Of the different gua sha shapes, the fish is one that can dig perhaps the deepest into muscle tissue. The fish is used often to relieve cramps in calves or is used on the shoulders and back.

Wave Gua Sha Tool

The wave gua sha tool, aka the Jade Gua Sha (Wave shape) - Thera Crystals™, offers better scrapping and grip capabilities. The smaller indents make this a favourite to use on smaller muscles. Practitioners will regularly use the wave gua sha tool on biceps, triceps, neck, and shoulders.

Tooth Gua Sha Tool

The tooth gua sha tool, or the Jade Gua Sha (tooth shape) - Thera Crystals™ can be used throughout the body to help get around bone. It is most commonly used on the spine, to exert pressure on back-supporting muscles without pressing into bone.

What to Look For in A Gua Sha Tool

A gua sha tool should not have a sharp edge or be pointed. A high-quality gua sha tool will be comfortable to hold and be easy to sanitize or clean. When selecting a tool, pay attention to what material has been used, its length, the shape, the grip, and the thickness.

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