What is Gua Sha?  All you need to know about Gua sha tools

Gua sha is a typical technique in the traditional Chinese Medicine system. By using gua sha tools, which can be crystal gua sha tools, metal gua sha tools, or even wooden gua sha tools to scrape skin; Scraping skin and make skin turns to red. The redness on the skin is “Sha.”

About five or maybe six years ago, no one can tell precisely since when the beauty industry started to take advantage of gua sha tools on facial lifting because the technique of gua sha can work on lymph-flushing skincare. Scraping skin promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and relieves muscle tension.

Gua sha facial massage works by helping muscle movement on our face to improve lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system circulates lymph fluid by muscles depends on the motions of power.  However, we don’t have much muscle movement on our faces. Using Gua sha on the face is a kind of intentional movement of facial massage, which helps the lymph upwards movement.

How do you use Gua sha in facial massage?

The right way to do gua sha on the face is upward and outward; press gua sha tool slightly and gliding over face contour on the skin over beauty oils, facial lotion, or facial cream. You may have questions about why I have bruises left after gua sha? The answer is you probably pressed the Gua sha tool too hard. You may feel very light flushing naturally, but it indicates that you scrap the skin too hard if you feel bruises.

What’s the difference between Jade and rose quartz gua sha tools?

Time back to years ago, a lot of household items can be used as gua sha tools: a spoon, a coin, or even any object with hard edges. However, choose a gua sha tool properly is not only a matter of effects from gua sha therapy, but it also brings you a feeling of joy, peace, love, and well-being.

The reasons jade and rose quartz are the most selected material for facial gua sha tools are because they have beautiful colors and can be polished to hard but thin and smooth edges. Gemstones philosophy told us that Jade has properties and powers to help keep hormones balanced, and rose quartz is believed to add energy. Rose quartz helps to open heart and bring love to your life and enhance relationships with others in your life.

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Secondly, Jade and rose quartz are used for gua sha tools because of their toughness and hardness. From the Mohs hardness scale, we can see rose quartz has a scale of 7, and Jade has a scale of 6-7. Compare to traditional gua sha tools made with metal, stainless steel, for example, is 5-6.5. Jade and rose quartz provide more stimulation on the skin.  You may worry about whether jade gua sha or rose quartz gua sha tool will hurt skin because it is harder than metal. The answer is NO. As you can see, each gua sha tool has smooth and round edges. Unless broken, it won’t hurt or scratch the skin.

This ancient practice sees a burst among skincare enthusiasts recently with results showing on many people after just one use and continued benefits as time goes on.  For less than $50, you could treat yourself an at-home facial lifting treatment that delivers a smoother, firmer and less wrinkled complexion.

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