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Can gua sha massage help to treat certain medical conditions – many would say no however analyzing the responses of people who have used it, there might be something hear worth exploring.

Gua sha massage is based off traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory of meridians which is believed to help regulate the many systems that comprise the body. During the average gua sha treatment, a gua sha tool is used to lightly scrape the skin in strategic locations as a means of initiating the body’s natural pathways.

Gua sha is not very well publicized in comparison with acupuncture, which is another TCM treatment working its way from the meridian system. That said, if you’re hesitant to have needles stuck into you, you may want to consider gua sha. Arthritis or chronic pain sufferers who have nagging pain in the body might find great benefit in a gua sha massage. In gua sha, a tool is scraped against the skin, producing a red bruise or rash-like appearance. This is usually done on the face, neck, shoulders, back, or any of the four limbs, and the rash fades within six days or less.

Many TCM practitioners have high praise for gua sha, claiming to helps to relieve tension and tightness, releases blockages in the meridians, promotes blood circulation, and dispels toxins from the body. Through these benefits, it is believed gua sha has the potential to prevent and treat illnesses. To this extent, it’s been promote as an alternative for those of us with a fear of needles and/or who are uninterested in herbs due to issues with other medications they might be taking. Please note that results vary person to person, as it relates to successfully treating a medical condition using gua sha.

Some of the medical conditions gua sha is used to treat, these include general pain in the neck, shoulders, back, and legs; fever and colds; headaches and migraines; asthma; insomnia; facial paralysis; menstrual pain; acne; chloasma; hives; tinnitus; and loss of hearing. Some have found gua sha tremendously effective when combined with herbs, acupuncture, and/or cupping. Western medicine is generally preferred over gua sha as the relief for things like pain is usually accomplished within a shorter period of time. That said, once a pain medication wears off, you need to take it again.

shop gua sha massage tools lierre
Gua sha doesn’t work like that. The results are long-lasting and it works to heal the body through natural energy rather than simply treating the symptoms. Please feel encouraged to visit Canada’s own if you’re interested in gua sha massage. Find the gua sha massage tools you need to get started on your journey towards living a healthier life. Shop today.
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