What Will An Aromatherapy Massage Do For Your Body?

An aromatherapy massage is a soothing, anxiety-cancelling experience where a massage therapist utilizes a combination of physical manipulation and essential oils to put your mind and body right.

Fragrant essential oils are a natural dancing partner with massage therapy. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with a non-scented massage, an aromatherapy massage has the added advantages of lifting your mood, lowering stress, and reducing anxiety. There’s a lot it does for one’s body and mind, especially when done routinely as a part of your weekly or monthly care routine.

What Is Aromatherapy Massage Therapy?

An aromatherapy massage utilizes TCM principles and the holistic benefits of concentrated essential oils derived from plants. Some of the more common oils used in this form of massage include lavender, chamomile, bergamot, lemon, and ginger.

How Do You Use Essential Oils In Massage?

Essential oils come very potent and have to be diluted using a carrier massage oil. The most common neutral carrier oils used in aromatherapy massage are coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and others. If you are looking for a carrier massage oil, BioOrigin Fractionated Coconut massage oil is the best choice for you. This clear, non-greasy, and smooth after-touch oil contains 100% pure fractionated coconut oil to hydrate and nourish the skin. Therefore, it can be applied to all massage techniques. 

How Does An Aromatherapy Massage Make The Body Feel?

As you receive a massage, in addition to the physical sensation of what’s happening, the aroma of the essential oil will be taken into the body and directly to the brain’s limbic system. As this happens, dopamine and serotonin releases are trigged and along with the physical pleasantness of the massage, you also get pleasantness from a mental standpoint.

It’s not uncommon to feel an emotional trigger or emotional release as one undergoes this type of massage.

What Are The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Massage?

The exact benefits of receiving a massage with an essential oil involved vary according to the fragrance used. Picking the right essential oil is key. Some of the more common benefits of a massage TCM-style with aromatherapy involved include reduced stress, reduced anxiety, an easing of symptoms of depression, reduced headaches, improved sleep, reduced muscle tightness, reduced muscle pain, reduced inflammation, and a breaking down of scar tissue.

Is Aromatherapy Massage Right For Me?

Aromatherapy massage therapy might be right for you if you have a preference for a specific essential oil, aren’t getting benefit from your existing massage therapy, or are trying to treat something specific where you know an oil might help.

Instead of using just any massage oil in your massage therapy, the specific essential oil-infused carrier oil is applied. From there, the massage proceeds like any other massage. The result is something different but also familiar at the same time.


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